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What Does 2022 Have In Stock For The US Economy

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world has shattered. So, we have seen lots of ups and downs in the case of the US. 2020 & 2021 proved to be bad years for the United States. However, we get some of the good news of the US economy. US News reports that the labor market continues to improve. Moreover, the unemployment rate has also reduced to 4.2% from 14.8%. The pandemic situation promised to get better before the arrival of the new variant.

Consumer demand tends to be firm, with wallets and bank accounts flush with pandemic payouts. There are rising wages and a year of record housing prices, and strong stock market performance. The US citizens are likely to face significant financial hurdles in the future.

What Does 2022 Have In Stock For The US Economy


The Industrial Production Leaps From 0.5% To 1.7%.

The recent census of corporate monetary officers by Deloitte found 97% expect their spending on labor to increase in 2022. However, the CFOs also raised their planned capital spending, hiring, and compensation higher than the previous quarter.
The farmers and the lower class people will get the chance to get more loans from the government. The country can provide vaccines to their countrymen to combat the deadly disease.

The mutation of Coronavirus that is Omicron is highly transmissible. Some are affected by this deadly virus and are showing some symptoms. It is another negative impact on the economy.

The Failure Of The Build Back Better Will Have Significant Impacts.

The Fed is ending the nation’s love affair with easy money. The money shifts away from accommodative financial strategies and puts interest rates to cool off inflation. The fear is that, as the Fed tries to engineer a soft landing, consumers could endure significant turbulence – or even worse.

President Biden failed to get the support of passing the $1.8 trillion Build Back Better plan. The meaning of it is the loss of economic stimulus that was baked into many 2022 forecasts. For illustration, the passing of the child care tax credit, or an extension of the stalled proposal, will come as numerous other stimulus programs wind down and the Fed.

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