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What Does OVA Mean in Anime and why is it so popular in the world of Anime?

What Does OVA Mean in Anime
What Does OVA Mean in Anime

To our readers who are fans of anime, you must have heard the term OVA once in your life. This term is thrown around the anime spheres quite a lot and is a very important part of what made Anime what it is today. Today we are discussing what are OVAs and what is their significance in the world of Anime? 

What is an OVA?

Original video animation, also known popularly as OVA are Japanese animated movies that are released on direct-to-home videos. These direct-to-home broadcasts are prepared movies that may be leased or purchased to watch from the comfort of your home directly rather than seeking them out in theaters. The films are not intended to be broadcasted or televised or to be premiered in cinemas. These films and series were first created on a video home system (VHS) back in the 80s and 90s before becoming widespread as digital video discs (DVD). OVAs include many parts, just as movies and series for television broadcasts.

Why were OVA so popular?

OVAs, unlike regular animation series, do not have a set amount of time; they can be any duration. OVAs offer artists a chance to explore with experimental new content since they lack customary limits. They also allowed screenwriters to have a good time while working on the project. They relieve the authors of the strain of producing high-quality work because they are not televised and provides them enough time to manage both their professional and personal life. Even fanmade works can be distributed in an OVA format, which would otherwise be difficult to show on television.

Popular OVAs through the years

There are many famous shows airing nowadays that have already had OVAs made for them long ago. Many of the popular anime nowadays such as JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, Devilman Crybaby, and even My Hero Academia have had OVAs made for them that contributed to their popularity at a time when many people had no idea what these series are about.

To summarise, OVAs are anime movies that are just not shown on television but instead available for direct-to-home viewing. Because they are not broadcasted on television, they have way more creative flexibility and are not bound by mainstream cinema standards. It was also an excellent method to get something out if people weren’t sure whether there would be a market for it. People could produce a few episodes, or just one, distribute them, and only make more if they were successful.

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