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What Happened to Lucille Butterworth Cold Case?

What Happened to Lucille Butterworth Cold Case?

The storyboard mentions Lucille Butterworth, a 20-year-old girl who vanished in 1969. On August 25, 1969, she was last seen by her mother. Lucille appreciated a transport to the bus terminal from a coworker after a tedious day at the neighborhood station.

Miss Butterworth’s companion drove away 10 minutes before the bus to New Norfolk arrived, but the bus terminal was empty, and Lucille had vanished. She was on her thanks to a Miss Tasmania fundraising event in New Norfolk when she disappeared. In 2016, a coroner discovered Geoffrey Hunt had strangled Ms. Butterworth. However, the Director of Public Prosecutions determined insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Hunt, who now goes by another name.

Murder of Lucille Butterworth

Geoffrey Charles Hunt, a convicted killer, had the chance and predisposition to murder Hobart lady Lucille Butterworth on the day she vanished from a suburban stop in August 1969. A coroner’s inquiry into the matter should conclude that he did so at an inquest into the disappearance and alleged murder of the young typist and aspiring model, such as the opinion of counsel representing the corner. In his closing argument on Wednesday, Simon Nicholson described Hunt, now 65, as an untrustworthy and evasive witness when he took the substitute December.

Family of Lucille Butterworth

It was a “huge breakthrough,” consistent with Lucille Butterworth’s only surviving brother, John Butterworth. While the family is relieved to possess a replacement chance of locating her remains, they’re enraged that police have testified for over six months, and Hunt has did not submit a complaint. Yes, I am. Mrs. Butterworth’s brother, Jim, worked for justice until his death. Kassie Lee McDiarmid, his daughter, claimed it broke his heart not knowing what had transpired.

The family of Lucille Butterworth had been considered an “amazing leap forward” by Lucille Butterworth’s main surviving brother, John Butterworth. However, despite their satisfaction with the new wish to ascertain his remains, the family is enraged that the police had confirmed their suspicions for six months, and Hunt has yet to file any charges. Yes, I am. Until his death, Jim Butterworth, Mrs. Butterworth’s brother, worked for equity. Kassie Lee McDiarmid, his girlfriend, stated she was hurt since she didn’t realize what had transpired.

“It took over daddy’s life, it had been all about Lucille even within the previous couple of months-it ate him up, it wrecked him,” she explained. “I’m delighted I finally got a solution, but it is a little disheartening that the cops were conscious of the evidence and knowledge and did nothing before my father died in April, allowing him to enjoy the peace he desired.”

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