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What happened to Natalie McNally? On Night Of Lurgan Stabbing, Suspect Was Seen In Victim’s Street

Natalie McNally
Natalie McNally; image credits:- BBC

CCTV footage of a culprit seen entering Natalie McNally’s street the night she was slain has been made public by the police probing her stabbing death.

Natalie McNally

Natalie McNally; image credits:- BBC

What happened to Natalie McNally? Natalie McNally’s Murder

When the 32-year-old woman was fatally stabbed in her Lurgan home on Sunday night, she was 15 weeks pregnant. At 20:52 GMT on Sunday, a guy can be seen on surveillance video entering Silverwood Green. Leaving is at 21:30. On Thursday night, a 32-year-old man who had been detained on murder suspicions was freed on police bail.

Reward For Information On Natalie McNally’s Murder

A £20,000 reward has been offered by the organization Crimestoppers for information leading to Ms. McNally’s murder. Previously, police claimed that she might have known her killer. Natalie McNally was stabbed multiple times, and it appeared that some of the wounds she sustained occurred as a result of her attempts to defend herself.

Suspect Of Natalie McNally’s Murder Seen On CCTV

When the man in the CCTV clip arrived in Silverwood Green, he was toting a bag. He seemed to be carrying white shoes, which Mr. Caldwell said might have been trainers. On Tuesday, a 30-year-old man who had been detained on murder suspicion was released on bond pending additional investigations.

The man who was detained on Wednesday as well as released on Thursday is not the same person. In the marketing department of public transportation provider Translink, Ms. McNally was employed.


1. What is the age of Natalie McNally?

Ans. 32 years old

2. Where did Natalie McNally die?

Ans. Lurgan

3. When did Natalie McNally die?

Ans. 18 December 2022

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