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What happened to Nikkolas Mohess?

Nikkolas Mohess
Images Source: San Diego Gay & Lesbian News

Nikkolas Mohess, who was a DJ and producer in Orlando, has died. Let’s get into the specifics of what happened to DJ Nikkolas Mohess.

How did Nikkolas Mohess get hurt?

Nikkolas Mohess was found dead on Monday morning. He had been missing since Sunday night. On social media, his friend Kiko wrote a touching tribute to him.

An artist named Kiko wrote on Facebook that when a friend dies, the person’s loved ones feel like they’ve been cheated in life, but they don’t know how lucky they are to have something or someone that makes it so hard to say goodbye.

Kiko said that over time, he has learned that death can’t take away some things, even if it leaves a pain in the heart that no one can heal. For example, the love of a thing or a friendship can’t be taken away.

Kiko went on to say that he would always be grateful for the chance to call Mohess a friend and for every moment and memory they spent and made together. He also said that their friendship will never end even though Mohess is no longer physically here.

“I will miss you so much, @atmthedj, and it hurts my heart to say this. May your soul rest in peace until we meet again,” Kiko said as a final thought.

Nikkolas Mohess, Missing, Found Dead: Know Everything About His Death

Source: Oxgaps

Nikkolas Mohess’s death was caused by the fact that he went missing on Sunday night. At 9 p.m., he left the dancers; no one has seen or heard from him.

DJ’s family posted on social media about how he had gone missing and asked people to help them find him. But it was said today that Nikkolas had been found dead.

At this time, we don’t know how or why Mohess died.

When they heard about his sudden death, his friends and family were shocked. People who liked Nikkolas wrote about him on social media.

Condolences on social media:
Kyle Vidair wrote online,

Nikkolas Don’t worry, my friend. Now it’s our turn to make you laugh, and I promise you won’t get bored. Love you man.

Aureliano Lee Garcia posted,

Things won’t be the same for Mohess, from our late-night wins on Fortnite to our crazy conversations about WWE and how you’re going to become the tribal chief. I hope you tell the person who made you that YOU are the leader of the tribe. Rest in peace, my dear friend. I’ll miss you.

Wildelis Fernandez wrote in a post,

Nikkolas Mohess, I’ll always remember the good times we had talking, and I don’t think I need to say much more. You will always be in my heart as a good friend with a lot of good memories. Rest in peace, your beautiful souls.

Brandon Mohess wrote that,

When I see all the messages and photos of Nikkola with all the great people he’s met over the years, it warms my heart and makes me glad to be his brother at a time when my family and I are going through a hard time. Thank you to everyone who sent condolences. We’ve heard you and love you all. Nikk, you were both our biggest problem and our biggest help, and we won’t let Orlando forget your name.

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