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What happened to Ryheam Damon Brown? Why are the police involved

Ryheam Damon Brown
Source: WBLSD

On Thursday night, February 2, 2023, people in the 700 block of Grady Street told the Lynchburg Police Department that shots were fired. Ryheam Damon Brown, who lived in Lynchburg and was 25 years old, died after an officer shot at him during the incident. In this post, we discuss what happened in more detail and give some background on the Lynchburg Police Department.

Incident details

When the Lynchburg Police Department got there, an officer tried to stop a car that was thought to be involved in the fight. But the only person in the car, the driver, ran away and tried to get away from the police. The driver got out of the car in the end and ran quickly into the Pierce and 14th Street neighbourhood. After a short chase on foot, the officer found the person in a back alley on the 1400 block of 17th Street.

The LPD says that the suspect pulled out a gun and the officer shot him. Officers did everything they could to save the injured suspect’s life before the Lynchburg Fire Department arrived to take him to Lynchburg General Hospital.

Man dead after officer-involved shooting in Lynchburg, authorities say

Source: WBLSD

Under investigation and official

The Virginia State Police are looking into the incident, and the officer involved has been put on non-enforcement and reduced duty status until the investigation is done. The Lynchburg Police Department asked the Virginia State Police to investigate what happened.

Community response: WDBJ7 talked to a 13-year resident of the area about what she heard the night of the incident. Maggie Elliott told the family how sorry she was, saying:

Read what happened to Ryheam Damon Brown as well. Why do the police have to step in?

“I just wanted to say hello to his mom and dad because I know they’re all sad. I want them to keep their heads up and know I’ll pray for them.

The police department in Lynchburg

After the Civil War ended in 1865, the Lynchburg Police Department was made official. A “Police Service for the City of Lynchburg” was set up by a law that was passed by the City Council. But there have been police officers in Lynchburg for as long as there has been a city.

The death of Ryheam Damon Brown has led the Virginia State Police to look into what happened. The officer has been put on limited duty and told not to enforce the law until the investigation is over. The people in the area are sad about the death and have sent their condolences to the family. Since it started in 1866, the Lynchburg Police Department has been there to serve and protect the people of Lynchburg.

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