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What is the reason behind the death of Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb?

What is the reason behind the death of Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb?

Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb are twin brothers. They were just 16 and studying in 10th standard. Suddenly, some incident took place, and they died there and then. 

Who is Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb? 

Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb are twins from Franklin County in North California. They both were 16 years old, highly active in cars and sports like wrestling. Both were very famous in their place. In their spare time, they always used to go to the lakes. 

When all heard about the incident which happened to them, people never trusted and considered it a piece of fake news. 

What is the cause of death for Gabriel Cribb and Garrett Cribb?

Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb, both twin brothers, died on 18th May 2022 due to a car accident. According to the report, the car accident was brutal and happened on Wednesday night in Franklin County. 

Garrett Cribb and Gabriel Cribb

Both the brothers are very sincere and helpful to their parents and used to work the night shift to help them; after coming from their job on 18th May night, their car crashed into a tree. Before colliding with the tree, the car went off the road. This incident happened on Howard Tant Road. 

According to the witness, the twins died in the car itself. Their parents and loved ones are still mourning their death. Also, they will never come up from such a loss in their lives. Their demise is traumatic for them. 

All the things left are the car’s ash and roses on their body. Prayers and blessings are still done for them. Communities are raising funds for their parents to help them. 

From their school, the Principal also said that both the children were mature enough and no one could replace their place. The school premise and members will miss Gabriel Cribb and Garrett Cribb.

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