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What was Carolyn Grace’s Cause of Death And The Car Accident

Carolyn Grace
Image credit- the telegraph

34 years after her husband died in a similar manner, the only female Spitfire pilot from Britain lost her life in a vehicle accident in Australia.

In the Goulbourn district of Sydney on Friday, Carolyn Grace, a 70-year-old resident of Cornwall, collided with a silver Hilux while driving her Suziki car.

Carolyn was believed to be the only active female Spitfire pilot in the world at the time of the crash while on a family visit to Australia. Australian-born Carolyn, who lost her life from her wounds 34 years after her husband Nick was killed in a car accident in Sussex, UK, in 1988, was taken to a hospital.

Carolyn Grace Cause Of Death

After losing her husband Nick in a car accident in 1988, British Spitfire pilot Carolyn Grace (70) decided to take up flying. On December 2nd, she was killed in a car accident. Daisy Grace, her in-daughter, law’s posted the depressing news in the Grace Spitfire Group on the social media site, Facebook. Carolyn Grace was killed in a car accident on Friday, December 2, 2022, according to Daisy, who said it was with great sadness that she had to make the announcement.

Her 38-year-old son Richard was a passenger in the vehicle and was treated for minor injuries while surviving the incident. Carolyn’s daughter Daisy Grace said the family was “traumatised” by her premature death. “When The Hume Police District officers arrived, they found that the Suzuki’s driver, a 70-year-old woman, had sustained serious injuries.

She was brought there and later died at The Canberra Hospital. Her passenger, a 38-year-old man, was sent to the same hospital with minor injuries. Male passengers in the Hilux, aged 44 and 30, were uninjured. The elderly man was driven to Goulburn Hospital for the necessary testing. The inquiry is still ongoing.

Spitfires Fom The Second World War Being Restored

Image credit- Flyer

Mrs. Grace and her late husband, Nick, started the restoration of Second World War Spitfires in the 1980s at their home in Cornwall. After Nick went away in 1988, the mother-of-two decided to learn to fly in the restored aircraft as a means of paying tribute to her spouse. Around the next three decades, the aviation pioneer flew the aircraft more than 900 hours, utilising it at funeral services and air shows all over Europe.

During the UK’s summer Proms concerts, Carolyn is well renowned for her moving choreographed Spitfire performances to a live orchestra. Her Spitfire exhibition has frequently been compared to a ballet.

Carolyn Grace’s Net Worth

At least $14.6 million is Carolyn Grace’s estimated net worth. Over the past six years, Caroline Grace has sold AON stock worth over $1,860,000 while owning over 4,000 units of Aon plc stock valued at over $12,710,582.


1. Who was Carolyn Grace?

A. She was a Spitfire pilot

2. What Happened to her ?

A. She died due to car crash

3. When did Carolyn Grace was born?

A. She was born in 1952.

4. How old was Carolyn Grace?

A. 70 years old.

5. What was her height?

A. 1.66 m

6. What was her Nationality?

A. Australian

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