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What Was Casey Coulton Cause Of death? How Did He Die?

Casey Coulton

Police found Casey Coulton, 18, of Aberdare, who was missing since Sunday morning, dead. Casey Coulton’s sister confirmed the information on Facebook and posted a moving message announcing Casey’s passing.

What Was Casey Coulton’s Cause Of death?

Casey Coulton’s cause of death has still not been disclosed. No information is available regarding Casey Coulton’s passing. The victim’s family and other relatives have been contacted by Medical Issues to get comments on the incident. So, there were no responses yet. If we receive sufficient information, we will update this page. In Aberdare, Casey Coulton resides. After a house party with pals on Saturday at about noon, he vanished. When Casey unexpectedly got out of the car and started running across Cwmbach, his sister, who wanted anonymity, was driving him home. She continued by saying that at the time, his family and friends were “extremely concerned” about his health.

Casey Coulton

What Happened To Him?

Casey Coulton as well as his friends were having a house party on Saturday when his phone appeared to have died. The father of a friend who was driving him home said that he was content and singing along with the music. Then, around midnight, he abruptly got out of the car and started running toward Aberaman. His friends saw him going through Cwmbach to Aberaman the day it occurred, but he hasn’t been seen since. Police claimed that the reason they couldn’t find his phone was that it was off, somewhere it couldn’t be found, or that it had been removed from him. In Rhondda Valley, his pals went looking for him.

According to authorities, a body has been discovered near a river. According to South Wales Police, a corpse was found along the Taff River in Abercynon at 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday. There is no formal documentation. “A corpse was discovered along the River Taff in Abercynon at approximately 10.30 a.m. today,” said South Wales Police.


1. What is the age of Casey Coulton?

Ans. 18 years

2. When did the police find Casey Coulton’s body?

Ans.November 22

3. Where did the police find Casey Coulton’s body?

Ans. Taff River in Abercynon

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