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What Was death of Aaron Carter an accident?

Was death of Aaron Carter an accident?
Source: Fox news

Los Angeles County coroners deemed Aaron Carter’s death an accident in a report made public on Tuesday (18 April). In November of 2022, the body of Aaron Carter, singer and younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter, was discovered. According to the autopsy results, Carter drowned while under the influence of sedatives and difluoroethane.

Compressed gas difluoroethane, which the report describes as “a gas commonly used as a propellant in air spray cleaners” and “can induce feelings of euphoria when inhaled,” was also discovered in his system. The sedative alprazolam, usually sold under the trade name Xanax, was also present. According to the investigation, he drowned after being unconscious by the combination of drugs.

What was Aaron Carter’s cause of death?

The autopsy results for Aaron Carter were published on Tuesday, April 18 by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner. It was alleged that Mr. Carter’s housekeeper discovered him face down in the tub on November 5, 2022, and immediately dialled 911 for help. She was given instructions to begin CPR on the victim. The medical examiner said that at 11:14 a.m., paramedics were called and Mr. Carter was declared deceased.

According to the article, the late singer (and brother of Nick Carter) remained “submerged” in the tub after “inhaling compressed gas and taking alprazolam.”

Page Six reports that the coroner has ruled that drowning was the official cause of death. The effects were purportedly caused by “difluoroethane, a flammable gas often used as the propellant in cans of compressed air, and alprazolam, a generic form of Xanax.”

Aaron Carter’s Career

Aaron Carter started in the music industry as the lead vocalist of a Tampa band called Dead End. As Carter gravitated more towards pop and the others towards alternative rock, tensions quickly arose within the band. Two years later, Carter had departed the band because of this incident.

At age 9, he made his debut all by himself. In March of 1997, the Backstreet Boys had their Berlin debut. That same year, he dropped his debut single, “Crush on You.”

Was death of Aaron Carter an accident?

Source: FOX News

Aaron, the debut album of Aaron Carter, was released on December 1, 1997. Norway, Spain, Denmark, and even Germany all saw significant increases in its popularity. On June 16, 1998, it was released in the United States, where it also did quite well.

Aaron’s Party (Come Get it) was his second album, released on September 26, 2000. Singles like “I Want Candy,” “Aaron’s Party,” and “That’s How I Beat Shaq” were featured. Disney and Nickelodeon played the tunes frequently.

Who is Aaron Carter?

In the early 2000s, Aaron Carter became a successful American rapper and performer among teenagers. He began his singing career when he was just seven years old, and by the late ’90s, he had become a major celebrity, particularly among young people. He became well-known thanks to his CDs as well as his live shows. Aaron Carter, his debut album, charted highly in several European nations. It reached position 12 in America. Over one million copies were sold, with over 100,000 of those sold in the United States alone. Aaron’s Party, his second album, came out in the autumn of 2000 and sold three million copies in the United States alone. Another Earthquake was successful, albeit not as well-received as his prior album, On Aaron, which he released thereafter. Carter’s resume includes roles on Dancing with the Stars, Liberty’s Kids, and films like ‘Fat Albert.’

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