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What was Rieko Kodama Cause Of Death? Renowned Game Developer, Passes Away At Age Of 59

Rieko Kodama

The Japanese video game producer and artist Rieko Kodama, who was most known for her work in the field of role-playing games (RPGs), passed away in May 2022. Sega is a multinational Japanese gaming and entertainment firm where Rieko Kodama worked.

Rieko Kodama Cause Of Death

She participated in several of Sega’s classic games. She also had a key role in the creation of early Sega games like Phantasy Star & Skies of Arcadia. The fashion designer passed away at the age of 59.

Sega withheld the information about the designer’s passing from the public. Following the release of Sega’s Mega Drive Mini 2, the designer’s death rumors gained traction.

Reiko Kodama

People noticed a memorial statement for Rieko Kodama in the honor of the released recently Mega Drive Mini 2. Producer Yosuke Oskunari of Sega responded to the people’s inquiries after reading the memorial message and confirmed that the news was accurate and that Rieko Kodama had passed away.

The designer, according to him, died unexpectedly in May of this year. He also said that it was important to preserve Rieko Kodama’s family’s privacy by keeping the information a secret. Sega or any of Rieko’s family members withheld any further information about the circumstances surrounding her demise. Even the reason for her death is kept a secret.

Reiko Kodama’s Early Life

Reiko Kodama started working in the online gaming industry in the 1980s, and she is frequently cited as being among the 1st prominent women in the sector. During the beginning of her career, Reiko Kodama went by the name “Phoenix Rie” rather than her real name. Reiko began her career as a graphic designer, and after gaining years of experience, she transitioned into the role of director. She is one of the first women to break into the world of video games.

In May 1963, Reiko Kodama was conceived in Yokosuka, Japan. Reiko has been interested in video games since she was a young child. She had a strong desire for the arts as well, which led her to graphics. At Sega, Reiko began her design career. Her career took off after she started to work as a graphic artist for a videogame company in 1984. Kodama’s three-decade video game career, which she started under the alias Phoenix Rie, included a variety of console generations & game genres.

She is frequently praised for setting the bar high for women in the video game business at a time when their contributions were undervalued as artists, directors, and producers. She worked on titles like Sega Ninja, Champion Boxing, and Quartet during her early years at Sega. Several iconic Sega games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Altered Beast, featured her artwork. She most recently worked on the Sega Ages collection of retro game ports for the Nintendo Switch. She contributed to several of those ports that made games that modern audiences could play.

Kodama received the Pioneer award from the Game Developers Conference in 2019. She expressed gratitude to fellow Sega employees like Yoshiki Kawasaki in a message in which she accepted the award for their support of her professional development. Around the same time, in a candid interview with Kotaku, Kodama discussed the popularity of Skies of Arcadia, a Japanese role-playing game that has endured as a cult classic. Fashionable retrospect, she remarked, “Portrayal of grim worlds was definitely in at the moment, but our team decided to create an upbeat protagonist that explored the globe.” The plot and characters for Skies of Arcadia were born from that.


1. When is Reiko Kodama’s birthday?

Ans. May 1963

2. What is the age of Reiko Kodama?

Ans. 59 years

3. What is the net worth of Reiko Kodama?

Ans. $2 million

4. What is the star sign of Reiko Kodama?

Ans. Gemini

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