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What was the incident that happened with Gideon Yapp?

Gideon Yapp

News spread on social media that Gideon Yapp had verbally abused his teacher in front of other students. Gideon was just a high school student and had used the N-word to describe his school’s instructor. On May 25, 2017, he insulted his physical education instructor. High school students go to school to learn the ethics and lessons to become good people in society.

But in the case of Gideon, it was the other way around. No one knows if he did it on purpose or if he insulted his teacher to show others that he was superior to his teacher. Some say that his instructor scolded him for his mistake, but the student could no longer control his anger and scolded his instructor in front of everyone.

What happened to Gideon Yapp?

A random person recorded the entire video during this incident and posted it online. When he uploaded it, many responded from all over the internet. And he says that everything the student did to his teacher was wrong. He needs to apologize for this. And if he doesn't apologize, he' ll have to go to jail. The video disappointed many people, including teachers.

Gideon Yapp Teacher

Where was the video of Gideon Yapp posted?

Videos can be found on Reddit or Twitter. If anyone doesn't find it, there are many platforms where the video was available. One just needs to have a look for it. Already, many viewers were disappointed by his bad behavior. So after watching the video it is sure one’s mood would be spoiled.

Gideon Yapp’s parents?

Gideon Yapp lives in California. In Lancaster, Gideon grew up with his parents. The name of his parents is Robert and Karina Yapp. Gideon has had a good time with his family. They enjoy it a lot when they go on vacation or go on a trip. Speaking of the incident, Gideon's parents didn't know about it. Also, they did not release a public statement about the incident. On the other hand, his parents received tons of abuse from their child, for what he did with his instructor.

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