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What was Wayne Swinny’s cause of Death? Who was Wayne Swinny?

Wayne Swinny
Source: Page six

Who was Wayne Swinny?

Wayne Swinny, a well-known guitarist, passed away recently at the age of 59. Recent cerebral hemorrhage was the cause of his death.

Swinny was a founding member of the band Saliva, who announced his death on Facebook alongside a photo of him and the words “We’ve lost one of our own.”

“We regret to inform you of the demise of our dear brother, Wayne Swinny. Today, while we were on tour, Wayne suddenly died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The funeral arrangements will be detailed in a subsequent announcement. His friends and family will miss him dearly. To Wayne, with all our hearts.” Also, the band uploaded a black-and-white photo of Swinny along with a touching homage to him on Instagram:

Affectionate regards, sibling.: Muck Sticky, a well-known singer and actor, also shared several photos of himself with Swinny on Facebook to show his sorrow. He claimed to have worked as the band’s merchandising representative for three years with Swinny, and said it was always an honor to do so. Continuing, he said

What was Wayne Swinny’s cause of passing away?

Source: Page six

“Among the kindest people I’ve ever met. Eternal rest, rock and roll soul, for a major contributor to your genre has left this mortal coil. Wayne, you are very loved. To the Might of Rock!!” Before he passed away, Wayne Swinny was taken to the hospital. Saliva’s Jonathan Montoya and Wayne Swinny during the 2009 Rock On The Range event (Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images).
Photo by Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images) Saliva’s Jonathan Montoya and Wayne Swinny rocking out at the 2009 Rock On The Range festival.
In the early morning hours of March 22nd, Wayne Swinny experienced a cerebral bleed and was sent to the hospital. Saliva also posted about it on Facebook, stating he was experiencing health problems and that an ambulance had to be summoned.

Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage is a clot that forms in the brain parenchyma, as described by the National Library of Medicine. Hypertension, amyloid angiopathy, coagulopathy, vascular abnormalities, malignancies, and different medicines are all potential triggers.

Wayne Swinny was one of the main members of Saliva

Among the other founding members of Saliva were Swinny, Josey Scott Sappington, Todd Poole, Dave Novotny, and Chris D’Abaldo. Several albums, such as Every Six Seconds, Blood Stained Love Tale, Beneath Your Skin, and In It to Win It, were released by the band.

After that, Saliva dropped two EPs, titled Ladies and Gentlemen Hit Pack and Every Twenty Years, respectively. They’ve had hits with songs like “After Me,” “Rest in Pieces,” “Broken Sunday,” “Family Reunion,” “I Don’t Want It,” “Epidemic,” “Crows,” “High on Me,” and many more.

They appeared in music videos for songs like “Message of Love,” “Turn the Tables,” “Time,” “I Walk Alone,” and many more.

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