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When is The Lost City out in the UK? Cast, plot, Trailer and Release date

When is The Lost City out in the UK_ Cast, plot, Trailer and Release date
When is The Lost City out in the UK_ Cast, plot, Trailer and Release date

At the London premiere, the stars gathered for the film on March 31, where Sandra raved about her co-stars. It was initially announced in October 2020 that The Lost City, an adventure rom-com starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and harry potter star Daniel Radcliffe, is soon to hit cinemas.

Sandra said how much she loved working with Daniel, Speaking to Metro at the London premiere for The Lost City, calling him ‘glorious’ and ‘the loveliest human.

Sandra said, “Me and Daniel had been attached at the hip for the past few months. I admire him. You fall in love with him! at a young age. ‘You think you know someone and you assume he would be a certain way having had so much success. He’s glorious, he is the loveliest human and I would go anywhere Daniel would ask me to go.’ When can we expect to see Sandra and Daniel in The Lost City?

What is The Lost City about?

The lost city is all about Sandra stars as romance novelist Loretta Sage, who embarks on a book tour with model Alan Caparison, played by Channing. By an eccentric billionaire, Loretta is kidnapped, played by Radcliffe; she wrote about who wants her to lead him to the ancient city’s lost treasure, to prove that Alan can be a hero in real-life, and not just on the cover of Loretta’s books, Alan takes it upon himself to rescue Loretta. 

Who is in The Lost City cast?

The Lost City in cinemas will be released in the UK on April 13. US film fans have already had the chance to see the film, as it came out on March 25 in the states. Sandra, Channing, and Daniel will be joined by Brad Pitt, who plays Jack Trainer, Patti Harrison as Allison, Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Beth Hatten, and Oscar Nuñez, as Oscar.

Ray the Moderator will play Bowen Yang, Héctor Aníbal will play Rafi, Joan Pringle will play Nana, and Thomas Forbes-Johnson will play Julian. The Lost City exclusively in movie theatres will be available on March 25 in the US and select other countries. UK movie fans will have to wait till April 15. However, Paramount has recently announced for fans that some fans will have the opportunity to see the adventure movie early.

Some theatres offer special screenings on Tuesday, March 22, and Wednesday, March 23, dubbed “The Lost City: Girls Night Out” and “The Lost City Date Night,” respectively. You can check your local movie theatre websites or sites like Fandango to see if and where these special screenings occur near you. On Thursday, March 24, 24, The Lost City will also have early screenings in select theatres.

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