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Where is Mashup our home is shot: know all about the locations

Where is Mashup our home is shot: know all about the locations
Where is Mashup our home is shot: know all about the locations

A new TV series is started, Mash-Up Our. In March 2022, The first episode of this TV series ‘Mash-Up Our Home’ aired. Till now, this series has aired seven episodes. Each episode is 40 to 45 minutes, as it is expected that this series will have ten episodes. On 16th April, the next episode is going on air. On HGTV, this series is streaming.  

These tv series have a unique concept, as shown in the episodes till now. In this, a couple designs the houses. Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia, the show hosts, help them figure out the best alternatives. From the home décor lovers, this series got a positive response. The audience is showing their love and support for this show. 

Know Where filmed the TV show ‘Mash-Up Our Home’ –

As we have said above, Season 1 of the TV show started in March. Although, the shooting was completed in November 2021. This show gives the viewers a tour of the houses and what they look like in the United States of America. As not only the outside of the country are the shooting place for the show but also the filming took place in the house’s interiors, all are according to America. Therefore, most shooting parts have been done in the United States of America.

The entire shooting of this show was done in the city of California in the United States of America. As we all know, this place is the Beauty of America. It is not the first time that the directors of TV shows makers have chosen Sacramento as their project’s location. This location has all the forms of nature in only one spot Beaches, hills, wide roads, and beautiful trees add to the aesthetics needed for the filming of any movie or TV series. 

Know Where filmed the TV show 'Mash-Up Our Home'

Know Where filmed the TV show ‘Mash-Up Our Home’

The host of this show had published the shooting location-

Kele Dobrinski and Christina Valencia, hosts of this show, made it public on their Instagram, confirming the location of the TV show ‘Mash-Up Our Home.’ They put 

some of the posts on their social media with the location of Sacramento, California. This creates guessing in people who have no clue what they want their dream home to look like, but the viewers get excited every time a new episode streams to know about the locations of the houses. The pleasant weather and good vibes of this place attract many filmmakers to film their projects in this location.

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