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Where Was Tanner Hoang’s Body Discovered? On Graduation Day, Missing Texas A&M Student Passes Away

Tanner Hoang
Tanner Hoang; image credits: Newsweek

Tanner Hoang, a student at Texas A&M who vanished the day before his graduation, has been discovered dead. He has been gone since December 16, 2022, according to the authorities. But on Saturday, in Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge, Hoang’s body was found following extensive investigation and searching (December 24).

Tanner Hoang

Tanner Hoang; image credits: CBS News

When Was Tanner Hoang Last Seen?

The Texas student was last seen at The Trails at the Wolf Pen apartment complex in College Station on the morning of December 16, according to the authorities and witnesses. The student’s absence from a lunchtime meeting on the day of his college graduation prompted his family to file a missing person’s report. After the authorities discovered Hoang’s silver Lexus automobile on Friday, the situation became more serious. Tanner, however, was nowhere to be seen in or around the car, which was left unattended.

Tanner Hoang’s Cause Of Death

The police stated that Tanner Hoang’s body was uncovered following an intensive eight-day search after the student was reported dead. After December 16, he allegedly vanished, leaving his cell phone off. However, the 22-year-old student’s death exact cause has not yet been made public by the authorities. Just one day before, Hoang’s automobile had been found in the city. Last Friday, less than one hour after refueling for gas in Caldwell, the automobile reportedly drove through Elgin on Highway 290, according to the authorities. The police have also made available CCTV footage of the same incident.

Tanner Hoang’s Family

On social media, Tanner’s family announced that they had arrived in the city to see his graduation. But after he vanished, they discovered he didn’t meet the graduation criteria. His absence from the festivities was confirmed by Texas A&M. His father claimed that he texted Tanner around 8:30 a.m. and that Tanner marked the message as “read” before turning off his phone. Before last week, when Tanner’s car was discovered abandoned in Austin close to the hiking path connecting to the Pennybacker Bridge Overlook at Highway 360 as well as the Colorado River, all traces of him had vanished after using his debit card to pay for petrol at a station in Caldwell.


1. What is the age of Tanner Hoang?

Ans. 22 years old

2. When was Tanner Hoang’s body found?

Ans. December 24, 2022

3. Since when Tanner Hoang went missing?

Ans. December 16, 2022

4. Where was Tanner Hoang’s body found?

Ans. Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge

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