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Who is Alexander Kraus and who was murdered by him?

Who is Alexander Kraus and who was murdered by him?

News is circulating on social media that rapper Archie Eversole's brother Alexander Kraus has been arrested for murder. Yes, Archie’s brother was arrested for a murder case.

Who is Alexander Kraus?

When the news about the arrest of Alexander Kraus appeared on the Internet, everyone was shocked. Everyone wants to know why he was arrested. He was charged with aggravated assault after the shooting, but after Eversole's death, his charges were changed to murder.

Alexander Kraus was 37 years old and was the brother of Archie Eversole. The victim, Archie was shot dead on March 25 at the Golf Vista Circle. However, he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died of his injuries on 3 April. It was then that Kraus' charges were upgraded to murder.

In other words, Alexander Kraus is the one who killed his brother named Archie Eversole. And the cops arrested Alexander for the murder of his brother and charged him with serious charges. The officers did not reveal that much information about him. The reason behind murdering his own brother is also unknown.

Maybe Alexander wants to get all the money and become the owner of all his property. Maybe that was the reason, or he wants to get rich quickly. And this will only be done when his brother dies. The real truth behind the murder is yet to come.

Why Archie Eversole & brother Alexander Kraus was arrested

When news appeared on the Internet that Alexander Kraus had killed one of his family members. Many were shocked and cannot swallow this truth. As it has already been told, the reason for the murder was unknown. The cops interrogate him and conduct a deep investigation to find the real truth about his murder. If something comes up, it will be known to everyone.

At this point, people want to know what the relationship is between them. They both consider themselves real brothers or show the public that they were brothers. Both statements have different meanings. This will become clear only when an in-depth investigation is carried out. Unfortunately, their family details have not yet been disclosed.

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