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Who is Catherine Zeta-Jones Husband and about his dating life?

Who is Catherine Zeta-Jones Husband and about his dating life?
Source: Parade

When Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas started dating in the late ’90s, it caused quite a stir. While they’ve been together for decades, they’ve shown that their love is strong enough to stay. In truth, Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been together for about 24 years, making their age difference quite close to that of the couple’s children. No, really!

Douglas has always said that he knew his future wife was the one the moment he laid eyes on her, but Zeta-Jones may have needed some convincing. They’ve since had kids, coped with major health challenges, and co-starred in Traffic, a Steven Soderbergh film. Is there any obstacle that the two of them can’t overcome?

Are Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael still together?

As of this writing, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are happily married and still together. During the premiere of Netflix’s Wednesday, Zeta-Jones gushed over her family, adding, “I mean, each year gets better and better and with such fantastic friends, I believe, in our family, which is great.”

Who is Catherine Zeta-Jones Husband and about his dating life?

Source: Parade

Are Douglas and Zeta-Jones still married?

Marriage between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones has lasted from the year 2000. While their 22-year marriage has had its share of difficulties, including a brief separation in 2013, the couple is committed to making it work. Catherine Zeta-Jones, an Oscar winner in her own right, is married to Michael Douglas, an Oscar winner in his own right. The couple met in 1998 and tied the knot the following year.

Michael Douglas, a senior actor, married Catherine Zeta-Jones, a young actress. Their relationship began in the late 1990s and culminated in a marriage in the year 2000. They have one of Hollywood’s oldest marriages despite their age gap.

Douglas revealed some of the keys to his happy marriage in 2019. It’s simply common courtesy, I suppose. The people who are closest to us are often the ones we take for granted “His words. “Sometimes I think we put in more effort with total strangers than we do with our closest friends and family. And I’ve always done my best to appreciate my good fortune and the great woman she is by keeping that level of esteem in the forefront of my mind.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have been married for a long time and appear to be quite content. They reconciled after a brief separation in 2013. Despite announcing their split in August 2013, which lasted for eight months, the couple reconciled in April of the following year. The stress of Douglas’s oral cancer treatment and Zeta-bipolar Jones’s disorder treatment were cited as possible causes of their breakup.

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