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Who is Edgardo Diaz, Ricky martin’s band mate?

Who is Edgardo Diaz, Ricky martin's band mate

Menudo the band was founded by Edgardo Diaz. Ricky Martin also played for the 40-member band. Edgardo ran Menudo for decades.

Menudo started with 5 members in 1977 and Edgardo Diaz was manager of the same. He is also accused of $exually abusing, molesting, treating fellow workers unfairly, and creating a hostile environment for work.

menudo was one of the most popular boy bands in the history of music. The young boys sang in the Spanish language which is a loved and beautiful language in the US. Boy band had a unique situation to work in. you could work only if you are under 16. once you cross 16 you have to pack your bags and go home. The intent behind this strategy was to keep the boy band always young and refreshing for the audience. many young people were eager to join Menudo because of its immense popularity and all these kids became superstars. decades later they accuse the manager of Menudo of many crimes. Menudo’s last album came in 2009. HBO has come up with a frightening shocking docu-series ‘Menudo: Forever Young’.

everyone at Menudo is under suspicion now and the law could catch them.

Docu series has captured Edgardo Diaz:

Docu-series talks of the fame, success, money, hiring method, and another aspect of the Menudo but what has caught people’s eye is the $exual abuse these members had to endure to remain in Menudo. The dark and dirty secrets of Menudo are out.

a young boy at the age of 11 Angelo Garcia was raped multiple times by multiple monsters and in his words “All I remember was that I, like, passed out. When I woke up, I was naked and I was bleeding, so I knew that I had been penetrated. I had, like, these burn marks on my face from the rug … I was very confused and I didn’t understand.” He also added, “During my time in Menudo, I have raped a series of times, and that was the way that predators would take advantage of me.”

he was given drinks in which there was a strong substance that made Angelo unconscious.

Who is Edgardo Diaz?

Edgardo would become legal parents of the kids and strip talent’s parents of all legal powers. They would have no parental authority in search of money and fame for their child. Menudo members started to resign in 1991 and the manager was accused of $exual abuse. Menudo lived in Porto Rico and choose to avoid questions.

“I am not going to spend the rest of my life defending myself and responding to allegations.”

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