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Who is Impressi and why is she trending on Twitter

Who is Impressi and why is she trending on Twitter
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In the Chhattisgarh area of Surajpur, a young woman was killed after being sexually molested. The culprit was just apprehended by the authorities. On March 24, the incident was uncovered, and then after an inquiry had commenced and authorities had been summoned to the region. Sabeerr Ali, pseudonym Baba Khaan, was revealed as the murderer, who is accused of suffocating the victim. She was then brutally hanged by swinging from a light bulb at her residence at the Bhatgaon police head office. 

What happened to Impressi?

According to Surajpur’s Additional Superintendent Harish Rathore was his little brother or sister arrived home and shouted her name, nobody was answering. The locals rushed to help and attempted to open the entrance, although they were suspicious because there was no smell coming from inside. “It was hard to ascertain the recipient’s actual age. Everyone is protesting to ensure that the young girl receives justice. Irrespective of background, caste, or religion, women’s safety should be a primary concern for any administration.” 

Why was Impressi trending?

Impressi was said to be raped, but she was brutally bludgeoned to death by the accused. He hung the corpse from a ceiling fan. He scribbled a suicide letter on her hand with a pencil. Her parents, on the other hand, doubted her competence to end her suffering. Those who had come to pay her respects assembled in Surajpur’s Jarhi area on Sunday to mourn their loss.

Everyone on the web has expressed their sympathies to the deceased and her relatives. The information is upsetting, and this is a hot subject on social media right now. Countless people have voiced their solidarity and asked for justice for the victim and her relatives on social networking sites.

We wouldn’t want women to be terrified of being at residence. We want them all to feel comfortable and loved when they visit our nation. The amount of crimes against women is growing all the time.  As per people online, the deceased girl was a minor, and the guilty person should face a harsher penalty and the authorities should act more quickly in this case.

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