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Who is Jennifer Hsiung? What happened to the CP24 presenter and anchor?

Who is Jennifer Hsiung? What happened to the CP24 presenter and anchor?

Who is Jennifer Hsiung? 

Jennifer Hsiung is a TV news journalist. the News anchor is providing her services for the CP 24 news network. CP24 is a household name in Canada, It is the most watched channel in Canada. its English-specific channel at 299 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto is one of the most famous Channels in the country.

Was Jennifer a comedian before she opted for journalism?

 Jennifer was the host CGTN news show ‘Culture Express’. She also toured to china in 2006 to be a sports anchor for the CCTV news’ show ‘Sports Scene.

She also presented the 44th election results of the USA in which the first black man in America become a president. She commentated on all the important details of the USA event.

Jennifer is an extraordinary journalist but she has a passion for stand-up comedy. She participated in many international comedy festivals. She was present at Hong Kong International Comedy Competition, and due to her experience as a journalist she was extremely confident on the stage. she was a runner-up in the show.

She was then hired by comedy central and she was given a show of her own. She also performed for two years at the Corner comedy club. her first show was stand-up Asia. She worked for 2years as a stand-up comic at comedy corner. She was a regular in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Education and personal life of Jennifer Hsiung:

Jennifer is currently 40 years old. She was born on September 20, 1982. Her parents had moved to Canada before she was born. She has attained a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Ryerson University’s School of Journalism. She was in Toronto for her education but then she wanted to explore the country of her forefathers. She came back to Beijing and she kind of liked it there.

There is not much information about her private life of Jennifer but some reports suggest that she is married for over a decade. She has three children and she is working hard for her family.

Her husband is a wealthy businessman at the age of 51, His name is David Showmaker. 

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