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Who Is Kate Keltie? Know All About Her Illness

Kate Keltie
Kate Keltie; image credit: Yahoo

Former Neighbours star Kate Keltie has been told she has stage 4 breast cancer. For five years, the actress portrayed Michelle Scully. Kate Keltie, an actor who is 36 years old, last appeared on television five years ago when she portrayed Michelle Scully on Neighbours.

Kate Keltie Illness

From 1999 through 2004, she appeared on the program. Her hip bones, blood, lymph nodes, and other body parts have all been affected by cancer. Ebony Gilbert, a close friend of Kate’s, has set up a GoFundMe page to assist her financially. They were successful in raising nearly £20,000. Kate was identified as having Stage 4 cancer in the fundraising website’s statement. Additionally, it said that she would begin chemotherapy this coming week. She will use the funds earned to pay for her doctor visits, wig, and skin care products. Kate’s friend also said that while Kate would never request financial assistance, she might require support soon. Kate sent a note of appreciation to the populace in response to their kindness.

Kate Keltie; Image Credit- Yahoo

She mentioned she had finally recovered from COVID-19 and thanked everyone for their assistance. She also highlighted how the encouragement she got had altered her perspective before beginning the treatment. Her Neighbours and other UK admirers have contributed to the fundraising campaign. She was thought to have left tv in 2008 and since then has worked as a legal adviser. Former Australian actress Kate Keltie is well-known for playing Michelle Scully in the Australian tv soap opera Neighbours.

Her Career

Melbourne is where Keltie was born. She trained in voice, dance, and theatre, and she appeared in several television ads. She performed the first of 3 guest appearances in the cop drama Blue Heelers when she was 8 years old. Additionally, she made an appearance in 10 episodes of an ABC English-language program and Full Frontal. From 1999 to 2000, she portrayed Becky Daniels in the children’s sci-fi drama Thunderstone.

Like Michelle Scully, Keltie landed a role in the Neighbours soap series in 1999. Keltie, who was 13 at the time, finished her education with the aid of a set tutor. The Showbiz and Entertainment Expo, which was hosted at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in 2002, was planned and organized by Keltie. In 2003, Keltie left Neighbours to go back to school and take on other tasks. In 2004, she briefly returned to the serial. She said that she did not anticipate returning to Neighbours when she left in 2003, but she loved the character’s homecoming plotline. In the same year, Keltie portrayed Bec Cleary in Blue Heelers.


1. When is Kate Keltie’s birthday?

Ans.23 February 1986

2. What is the age of Kate Keltie?

Ans. 36 years

3. Where was Kate Keltie born?

Ans. Melbourne, Australia

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