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Who Is Ken DeLand, Exactly? How Did The American College Student Vanish In France? Explained

Ken DeLand
Image credit- NBC NEWS

A St. John Fisher University student has disappeared abroad. The school notifies students in a message that Kenneth DeLand, who is studying abroad in Grenoble, France, has been reported missing.

According to News 10NBC, his host family, the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), and the local police are all helping with the search. Deland, a resident of Clifton Springs, received his high school diploma from Midlakes.

Deland, Ken Explanation Of The Missing Case

A rising mystery surrounds an American student who was enrolled in a course of study in France when he disappeared for about two weeks. For Kenny Deland’s parents, the search for him has grown intense.

According to Laws, “She claimed that she had to submit a missing person report because they hadn’t seen him in 24 hours. I’m not here, sorry. While I’m here, I’m hundreds of miles away.

The Family Of Ken Deland’s Statement

The family was astonished because they frequently heard from their son, whom they assumed to be enjoying his travels. He likes to travel. He has been anxiously looking forward to this trip as a result. Deland’s father, Kenneth Deland, said: “Kenny’s unusual for not getting in touch with us and informing us of what’s happening.

His son sent a message to his parents on November 27. According to his relatives, he left college and boarded a train headed south. His phone rang as he was driving. He was discovered on December 3 at a sporting goods store, where he was seen having $9 in his pocket and donning a red jacket and a grey hat.

Image credit- ABC NEWS

Statement From An FBI Agent

According to Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent, “It would be vital to understand who he has talked to, maybe in his age group in France or maybe he’s talked to somebody back here in the United States on the phone.”

French officials are investigating into Kenny’s “worrying disappearance” because he is an adult, but they are citing privacy laws as their justification. All that his family wants are explanations. “If anyone has any information that will help the police locate him, please do. We need your assistance.

What Information Concerning Ken’s Disappearance Did His Family Have?

Kenny last communicated with his family over WhatsApp, a global instant messaging platform, on November 27. He appears to have left his host family’s residence in Grenoble and travelled around 90 kilometres by train to Valence.

Additionally, a surveillance camera showed Kenny, 22, entering the store. Everyone last saw him at that point. We honestly don’t know where he is at this point, according to Ken DeLand. We are always checking our phones, social media, and WhatsApp. Just very unlike of him.


1. Who is Ken DeLand?

A. He is student from St. John Fisher University

2. How did Ken DeLand he go missing?

A. Not yet investigated

3. What was his Nationality?


4. How old is Ken DeLand?

A. 22 years old

5. What happened to Ken DeLand?

A. He went missing

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