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Who is Lisa Peng ? accused and double murder convicted

Who is Lisa Peng ? accused and double murder convicted

Lisa peng’s case was recently discussed in “The Real Murders of Orange County,”. There is a discussion among people about her.

Lisa peng had a billionaire husband. Like all billionaires, he also had his dirty secrets. He had a mistress and a child from her. Lisa came to know about it and out of jealousy, she killed both of them in orange county in 1994.

The California state supreme court did not allow them to drop charges against her.

 Peng was convicted of killing 25-year-old Jennifer with a dagger and she strangled her son to death who was a toddler of 5 months. The court did not like this heinous crime and sentenced her to life with no parole.

 Peng’s lawyer wanted to frame her husband, but the jury got confused in the first trial. Later in the second round trial was concluded with Lisa proven guilty.

Where is Lisa peng?

 because she was a powerful person she was sent to Taiwan and since then not heard off. It was a complicated case so the US government sent her back to Taiwan which is also an important stooge in American politics.

The dead bodies of “Jennifer” Ji, who was 25, and Kevin, who was 5 months old, were recovered.

 Steve Shadrick worked on this case. He worked on the case 3 decades ago but even after his retirement he gets scared when talking about the case.

Jennifer Ji met the billionaire in a hotel in china. They immediately slept together because he was a billionaire and she got pregnant. Being pregnant with a billionaire child is a lottery but not in this case.

 Lisa peng age and her location:

 Lisa, if alive, must be in her 70s.

 after the murder, Jim became a police ally and allowed police to visit her closets and check her bank details.

Lisa was investigated for hours but she refused to talk so the police sent her husband into the room to talk to her.

Who is Lisa Peng ? accused and double murder convicted

Lisa became emotional seeing her husband and said his mistress fell down on a knife. although she was stabbed with intent to kill 18 times. she also agreed she bitten her ear before the murder.

The police used her own words against her and took the sample of her DNA from the bite.

Lisa and her children:

Lisa had two children with James, they were two boys. Both of them lived in Taiwan and Rancho Santa margarita.

Witnesses said Lisa wanted to kill Jennifer since she had an affair with her husband.

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