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Who is Maxine Wahome? A Motor Rally Driver Assaulted Asad Khan, Accused Of Domestic Violence

Maxine Wahome
Image credit- Sport Brief

A fight involving her partner and another rally driver, Asad Khan, led to the arrest of Maxine Wahome, a Kenyan motor rally driver, on domestic assault charges on Wednesday.

Maxine Wahome: Who Is She?

Maxine Wahome, who won the third-tier WRC Safari Rally at the age of 26, created history by becoming the first woman from Kenya to do so. Wahome made history by being the first woman to win the World Rallying Championship in Naivasha by outdueling male competitors.

Asad Khan, aka Kalulu, Wahome’s partner and a fellow rally driver, was reportedly attacked and seriously hurt.

When Maxine Wahome appeared before chief magistrate Bernard Ochoi at the Milimani Law Courts, he granted her bail and the prosecution asked for a 14-day hold so that the investigation into claims that she had beaten and gravely hurt her fiancee on December 14, 2022, could be finished.

What Happened To Asad Khan?

The detectives claim that there was a pool of blood in the home as well as blood streaks all over the stairway and floor. The green business led by that diminutive man is remains mum on this subject.

Asad Khan is said to have been stabbed by Maxine Wahome, who then allegedly fled the scene along with aides, leaving Kalulu for dead.

Condition Of Asad Khan’s Health

Detectives requested an additional two weeks to retain the rally driver in detention while the condition of the lover “Kalulu” improves. Khan was taken to Avenue Hospital after the violent brawl, where it is alleged that he sustained serious injuries.

Request By Police

In order to prosecute her for seriously endangering Asad Khan, the police asked that she be detained for 14 days. However, Magistrate Benard Ochoi rejected their request. She must appear before the investigating officer at Kilimani Police Station every Thursday till the inquiries are over, claims Ochoi.

Maxine Wahome

Image credit- medico topics

Where Is Wahome Now?

She is being investigated for the crime of great bodily injury, and if proven guilty, she might be sentenced to life in prison.

Given the suspect’s influence and the fact that most of the key witnesses in the case live in her flat, the DPP asked for an extension of the suspect’s detention.

Asad Khan: Is He Dead?

On Twitter, there are unconfirmed allegations that Asad Khan has passed away in the intensive care unit. But the Family has not made an official announcement.

After being brutally attacked by his lover Maxine Wahome, Asad Khan passed away. She was freed after posting a monetary bail. 100,000


1. Who is Maxine Wahome?

A. She is an a Kenyan motor rally driver.

2. Who was Asad Khan?

A. He was also a motor rally driver and partner of Wahome.

3. What was her Nationality?

A. Unknown

4. How old is Kyler Murray?

A. 26 years old

5. What Maxine Wahome do?

A. She assaulted Asad Khan and stabbed him with knife many times.

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