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Who is Mete Kobal, Randy Fenoli’s Fiance?, Know Everything Here

Mete Kobal
Credits: ET

After dating Mete Kobal for a year, fashion designer and media personality Randy Fenoli eventually got down on one knee on Monday. On Saturday, December 10 at the Marmara Park Avenue hotel in New York City, Randy Fenoli proposed to Mete Kobal. Randy Fenoli is a well-known reality TV star who has appeared in the “Say Yes To The. Dress” series.

Who is Mete Kobal?

Kobal migrated to New York 13 years ago and is now a citizen of the United States. Fenoli continues, “We’re thinking about having a vacation wedding so we can celebrate with Kobal’s family.” “A cruise offered by Princess Cruise Lines departs from Istanbul and stops in Greece and Italy. And I’m considering that it might be something where we hold a small ceremony, perhaps in Italy or on the ship, before arriving in Istanbul. We can disembark and celebrate his parents, colleagues, and acquaintances there.” There may not be a lot of knowledge about Mete at the moment. They only exchanged words in January 2022, when he was Marmara’s manager of the bar and restaurant, and we only know that he is Turkish. At the resort where they initially met, Mete was asked to marry him by the ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ host.

Mete Kobal’s Husband

Mete Kobal

Credits: ET

In an exclusive interview, Randy revealed that he had spent months getting ready for this day with Marcy Blum. In the presence of Randy’s loved ones, the “Say Yes to the Dress” host reportedly dropped down on one knee. Mete was informed by Randy that they would be having supper at the Museum of Modern Art. However, when the couple checked into the hotel, some fifty of their family and friends were already there to greet them. Mete accepted the host’s marriage proposal after he got down on one knee and said, “Say Yes To The Dress.”

Mete Kobal’s Net Worth

Since Mete Kobal is engaged to Randy Fenoli, his net worth has not yet been disclosed.

Age of Mete Kobal

The precise day and location of Mete Kobal’s birth are not yet known. He might be between 30 and 40 years old in 2022. There hasn’t been any mention of his zodiac sign or religion yet.

Mete Kobal’s Parents

The names and occupations of Kobal’s parents have not yet been disclosed. Information on his brother has not yet been provided.


Q. Were any of Mete’s pals there at the event?
A. Randy set up a Zoom call by calling one of Mete’s acquaintances using their Turkish phone number.

Q. Who are Mete Kobal and his husband?
A. Randy Fenoli, an American television host and fashion designer, is engaged to Mete Kobal. He has recently gained notoriety as a result of his partner’s Saturday engagement proposal to Mete Kopal.

Q. Is Kobal on Social Media?
A. On Instagram, Kobal is active.

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