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Who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr.? anesthesiologist charged for killing another doctor

Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz
9-year-old Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr., was arrested by the Dallas Police Department in Plano on Wednesday and is charged with tampering with a consumer product causing death and intentional drug adulteration, according to Dallas Police and the U.S. Attorney???s Office.

Who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz Jr.? anesthesiologist charged for killing another doctor.

Raynaldo was practicing in Dallas as an anesthesiologist and due to some personal reasons he killed another doctor, Police have initiated an investigation,.

Who is Raynaldo Rivera?

Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz is a reputed doctor working for decades in the medical field. He is currently 59 years of age. The Dallas police have arrested Raynaldo over injecting nerve-blocking toxins into his patient and colleague doctor who was being treated at the same hospital. The Dallas police said he changed the drug with the intent to kill his colleague.

“A single incident of seemingly intentional patient harm would be disconcerting; multiple incidents are truly disturbing. At this point, however, we believe that the problem is limited to one individual, who is currently behind bars,”

“The Department of Justice and our indefatigable partners at the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations and the Dallas Police Department will work tirelessly to hold him accountable. In the meantime, it is safe to undergo anesthesia in Dallas.” US Attorney Chad E. Meacham said. 

Who was late Dr.Melanie Kasper killed by Raynaldo?                       

Dr. Melanie Kaspar was a 55-year-old anesthesiologist at the surgery center and she knew Raynaldo.

How did Raynaldo kill Dr. Melanie?

Ortiz gave her an IV bag of saline taken from the surgical center after she suffered from dehydration. Later an autopsy was performed on her dead body and nerve blocking agents were recovered from her body which led to suspicion.

Video evidence against Dr. Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz.

He can be seen placing IV bags just when the sad incident happened. No one else in the video can be seen replacing the bags. Dr. Raynaldo is working in the hospital for over 31 years. did he intentionally kill her or did someone tamper with the saline bags? Police must investigate this

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