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Who is Robin Giarrusso? Supreme court order blocked by this lady judge

Who is Robin Giarrusso? Supreme court order blocked by this lady judge

A couple of days one of the most controversial issues in the united stated was raked up. The Supreme court banned all kind of abortions with no exceptions. There is a hearing on  July 8.

No state can apply an abortion ban before July 8.

Know the dissenting Louisiana Judge Robin Giarrusso.

Abortion will be legal for couple more weeks in Louisiana. New Orleans Civil District Judge Robin Giarrusso ordered a temporary hold on the controversial new judgment by the supreme court. She has restricted state machinery to implement a complete ban until there is the next hearing. Robin’s order will be valid for 10 more days.

The 70-year-old judge passed an order to temporarily hold the new law. Luisiana Abortion centers are against this new law and the sudden and abrupt ban has caused them financial loss. They are looking for lawsuit money to settle their losses. The hope medical group for women (abortion center) is one of the participants in the lawsuit.

I Hope medical women are very satisfied with the law and they will begin abortions on the 28th of June. Kathaleen Pittman runs the show at “Hope”.

Temporary relief for abortion clinics:

She told a news agency”Staffers are reaching out to 400 women who had their appointments canceled after the ruling came down. It’s a temporary reprieve. But it’s a reprieve.”

Who is Robin Giarrusso? Supreme court order blocked by this lady judge

Joanna wright who is fighting the lawsuit said“Louisiana’s rushed and poorly conceived trigger laws are unconstitutionally vague and violate due process. It is unfortunate that in his haste to score political points in the aftermath of Dobbs, the state’s Attorney General (Jeff Landry) has ushered in an era of complete disregard for women’s bodily integrity and reproductive autonomy.”

Louisiana Right to Life, the state’s influential anti-abortion rights group, said it is “confident that our pro-life laws will be vindicated.”  “While these matters are still developing, Louisiana law is clear that babies will be protected from abortion when Roe v Wade is overturned. We are confident that our courts, whether at the district, appellate, or state Supreme Court level, will affirm our laws in time.”

Ben Clapper, the executive director of Louisiana Right to Life added.

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