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Who is Ryan Jaziel Gomez, 9 years old boy killed 4 years younger with his uncle’s gun

Who is Ryan Jaziel Gomez, 9 years old boy killed 4 years younger with his uncle's gun

A Texas boy who was 4 years old was shot in his head and died. He was shot by a brother who was 9 years old with his uncle’s gun, which was loaded. The police said that his nephews taught him how to use a firearm. On Monday, this incident happened. The shooting was done on the Guston hall lane in Katy in their home, and the Houston suburb has changed.

Know about the incidents that happen-

On Monday in the home, the shooting occurred, and on Thursday, the victim, who was 4 years old, died in the Texas medical center. Francisco Lupian is 32 years old. He is the brother’s uncle and with possession of a firearm, he has been charged. 

According to the Harris county sheriff’s office, Lupian can visit his sisters, his family is allowed, and his cousins to brandish his Glock pistol. The documents in the court indicate that the unemployed construction worker is 32 years old, and he has only made them teach the boys how to load the gun by pulling the slide back.

Know about the witness-

A witness has told the authorities that Lupin had left in the home his pistol, which was loaded and kept on a dresser in the bedroom, and it was kept along with a spare magazine with six cartridges. On that day, a 4 years old boy entered the room with his uncle’s gun. 

Ryan Jaziel Gomez

Still, after he entered the room, his older brother took the gun from him, and the 9 years old took the loaded gun and put the gun on the head of the younger brother and put the trigger and hit on the boy’s head. Later, the older boy told the investigator that he did not know that the gun was loaded and that he had thought it would go off. When the police arrived, his parents had taken to 4 years to the hospital for 4 years, and their doctors said he was in critical condition. Then they were taken to the Texas Medical Center, where he died after three days.

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