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Who is Savannah Brockhill? Why did she murder Star Obson? Know the reasons in detail.

Who is Savannah Brockhill?

Who is Savannah Brockhill? 

Savanna Brockhill was a lesbian who was the girlfriend of the victim’s mother. Star’s mother Frankie Smith’s lesbian lover killed his son. Brockhill was not a weak Woman, She was a bouncer at Bradford’s The Sun pub in West Yorkshire.

Savannah Brockhill’s life and her strange jail time:

“Savannah has her strange fan club within the prison, and a lot of women appear to like her.” There are reports that Savannah enjoys a personal TV, and a beautiful view from her inmate cell or what they used to call ‘Jail’

 “It’s situated around forests, so birds and squirrels come and it’s beautiful to see,” Savannah said.

Savannah Brockhill from Keighley, West Yorkshire, will soon go to court to review her jail time and she wants to get out of jail. She also claimed that her girlfriend Frankie Smith killed her own son and gave Star Obson the dose of fatal kick.

Although the court threw the murder claim out of court.

What is the story behind the fame of Savannah Brockhill?

the 28-year-old murderer is in jail because she is accused of killing the 16-month-old child of her girlfriend. The baby killer is admired in prison and there are also some fan mails for the monster.

She is convicted of killing the 16-month-old Star Obson when she beat him badly and then stomped on him for no reason. it is clear that the bouncer is a sick sick woman.

Despite her brutal act, she is currently living in a comfortable cell and there are some twisted people out there admiring her despite the act she did.

Someone also sent her money so she can buy things from the canteen. jailed said “It is a sad reflection on society that certain members of the public enjoy writing to a killer like this – and even praising her with gifts,” they told the tabloid.

“A lot of them are from admirers. It’s hard to believe, but Savannah is relishing the attention and considers herself a celebrity and prison pin-up.”

She works out in the jail and she wants to look as manly as possible and other inmates also want her. this is a tricky thing lesbians are sharing a prison with many women. that’s like a man sharing a cell with many women. how is it a sentence?

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