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Who Is Tommy DiDario, The Spouse Of Gio Benitez?

Gio Benitez

Since 2016, Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario have been wed. DiDario is an actress, model, and lifestyle reporter, while Benitez is a journalist for Good Morning America.

Tommy DiDario: Who Is He?

Tommy DiDario obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Communication studies from New York University in 2008 and Magna Cum Laude. He was an actor and model who made an appearance in a 2016 episode of Broad City on Comedy Central.

He has been on Extra, The Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, and other shows as a TV host and entertainment lifestyle correspondent. He covers a broad range of subjects, including interviews with celebrities, human interest stories, and lifestyle issues including fashion, trends, travel, and health.

Tommy And Gio Benitez Met In What Manner?

In 2015, Gio Benitez and DiDario connected over Instagram, and they went on their first date while enjoying tacos, guacamole, and margaritas. Later, while on a trip to Paris with DiDario, Benitez proposed to her. On April 16, 2016, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony in Miami, Florida.

At the moment, DiDario posted on Instagram, “Today he said yes to his real partner in life, couldn’t be happier to stand next to him forever.” Celebrating a wonderful day in the romantic city! Thank you very much for your warm thoughts and well wishes!

2017 was the couple’s first anniversary, and DiDario admitted he was still getting used to referring to Benitez as his spouse. “Whenever he gets the chance, he is proud to call himself my spouse. He is my husband, who is more than his spouse or his companion.

What Keeps The Flame Burning For Tommy DiDario And Gio Benitez?

The pair travels together in their free time and lays the groundwork for their future. By avoiding drama and not shouting during a dispute, they try to maintain communication in their relationship. We have so minimal drama that if we disagree, we can discuss it without becoming upset, DiDario said.

Every year, he claimed, they make plans to visit a different nation while also finding opportunities to spend time together locally.

We’ll go to a lake in upstate New York or the Jersey Shore and hop on a kayak, do something novel like aerial yoga, or even simply take the train to find a new place and explore, said Benitez to the source.


1. Who is Gio Benitez?

A. He is a Broadcast journalist

2.Who is Gio Benitez’s husband?

A. Tommy DiDario

3. When did Tommy and Gio got married?

A. On April 16, 2016

4. What is Gio Benitez’s age?

A. He is 36 years old

5. What is Gio Benitez height?

A. 5 ft 10 inches

6. What is Benitez Nationality?

A. American

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