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Who killed david sigers and James Thomas? US army veteran and father of 4 murdered

Who killed david sigers and James Thomas? US army veteran and father of 4 murdered

A double murder in Baker county has trampled people around. The reports are exposing that two dead bodies have been recovered by the Florida police department and the dead victims have received dozens of bullets in their bodies. the recovered bodies are identified as David sigers and James Thomas. The police reports suggest that bodies were kept in a home on Sawtooth Highway on 1 August.

david sigers and James Thomas double homicide:

The bodies were sent to the hospital for post Partum, the report suggests both the victim faced severe brutality before the murder. Police also say these are intentional well planned murders. Florida’s Baker county has been very peaceful for many years and this sudden murder has shocked everyone in the vicinity.

 The police department also confirmed that this is the first serious crime in the area for ages. this part of Florida is known for its nonviolent and peaceful way of living.

this is often said that Baker county is for people who are nice and want to have an easy life. the area is safe from crimes and gang activities.

Police department reports suggest that both victims are killed on the weekend as per the autopsy report. there is a reward of $5000 announced if anyone can find the killers or give some valuable tips and information about the same. Police believe the angle of drug and gang money is ruled out. the legal history of both the victims  David sigers and James Thomas is of misbehavior.

Who killed david sigers and James Thomas? US army veteran and father of 4 murdered

Police have also talked to neighbors and asked them to help with whatever information they can help with. they have also appealed to general people to provide any relevant information to the case to gain easier access to criminals. this case must be solved to keep Baker county safe like it was. such incidents can give rise to attacks and murder in the area.

Obituary and funeral or david sigers and James Thomas:

the information about obituaries and funerals has already been posted on social media and funeral websites. currently, their families are in a state of grief and pain. this tragic incident has changed their lives forever. such brutal killings of two young men. officers have initiated search operations and the forensic department is looking for evidence. soon the murderers will be caught.

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