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WHO officially denies Monkeypox to be pandemic like Covid

WHO officially denies Monkeypox to be pandemic like Covid

WHO has been mild with the Monkeypox outbreak. It said it is not the worst that is possible but definitely should be of concern to all countries.

Currently, two dangerous diseases are global health emergencies. Polio and covid are still one of the most dangerous diseases that can collapse our medical infrastructure.

Monkeypox has spread to over 50 countries and WHo has been looking at it very seriously. They are concerned about this global outbreak.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called monkeypox an evolving danger.

although he asked governments around the world to take precautionary measures, surveillance, contact tracing, and testing, and become stringent with medical protocols.WHO also asked governments to keep an eye on vaccines.

WHO ordered the highest level of the committee to decide what level of danger monkeypox presently poses.

According to WHO data, at least 3000 monkeypox victims are registered globally.

Tedros’s statement about monkeypox:

“What makes the current outbreak especially concerning is the rapid, continuing spread into new countries and regions and the risk of further, sustained transmission into vulnerable populations including people that are immunocompromised, pregnant women and children,” Tedros said in a press release Saturday.

Tedros was worried about the spreading of the disease because historically it was limited to some parts of Africa but now this is spreading all over the world.

WHO officially denies Monkeypox to

Monkeypox is from the smallpox family but it is usually cured in 2-4 weeks with normal medical attention.

Monkeypox is attacking the LGBTQI community:

99% of monkeypox victims are gay and bisexual men. people from the rainbow community are mostly affected by Monkeypox. some reports claim all of them either had one or more same-sex partners.

Although gay men are the main victims of this outbreak, ordinary people are also at risk to catch it.

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