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Who was Angela McKenzie and how did she die?

Who was Angela McKenzie and how did she die

‘This should never have happened,’ say friends and family of a mother of five slain in a road rage incident in Calgary.

The loss of a Calgary mother has shocked the community, as friends and family try to understand how she was taken from them.

Angela McKenzie, 40, was slain in a road rage incident on 36th Street on Tuesday, according to police. S.E. McKenzie was the mother of five children ranging in age from nine to seventeen. Her children are still grieving their father’s death, which occurred in late February.

McKenzie and her children have been friends with Sven Stuwe’s family for nine years. When his son and McKenzie’s twin daughters went to school together, the two families became fast friends. “I’ve been numb, heartbroken, and especially enraged for the past 24 hours.” And I’m still angry because it was completely unnecessary,” Stuwe remarked. “Because you can’t find meaning in it, it’s such a stronger grief and sense of loss.”

Around 11:10 p.m. Tuesday, witnesses said a 2021 red Chevrolet Silverado was pursuing a 2021 grey Volkswagen Jetta on 36th Street S.E. While driving, passengers in both vehicles fired gunfire at each other. At the crossroads of 36th Street and 17th Avenue, the Jetta was going southbound with the Silverado close behind when they collided with two other vehicles. S.E. McKenzie was driving a silver van when the truck collided with it. She was discovered dead on the spot. She was an innocent victim, according to the police. The cause of death is still unknown, but investigators say it does not appear that the van was hit by gunshots.

“What killed Angela had an impact on more than just Angela and the people who collided with her. It had an impact on her family, friends, and community. Because of this one foolish, thoughtless moment, it affected thousands of people,” Stuwe remarked. “As clever humans, we should be able to do much better than this.”

Who was Angela McKenzie and how did she die

People’s remark on Angela McKenzie’s death?

McKenzie enjoyed camping and fishing and volunteered at her church on a regular basis. She seemed to have it “rooted in her soul” to serve others, according to Stuwe. “I believe that ability to give back to people helped her get over every hardship in her life.” It just brought her so much happiness.”

McKenzie’s mother, who is now caring for her five children, called Stuwe’s family to inform them of the tragedy. “All I remember was being shocked.” And then my wife started crying. Stuwe remarked, his voice shaking, “I’m sorry, it’s really affecting me now.”

“With the trauma that these children have faced in the loss of their father. And then, a few months later, their mother passes away… they’re entirely orphaned.”

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