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Who was Apple Watts? Apple Watts Accident, Death, Obituary

Who was Apple Watts Apple Watts Accident, Death, Obituary
Who was Apple Watts Apple Watts Accident, Death, Obituary

Apple watts was involved in a major car accident and are currently in hospital. She has some injuries. When this accident happened, she travelled northbound between Los Angeles and las Vegas. Her black Mercedes collided with a ford f250 pickup truck. According to the California highway patrol officer Ramon Duran, the accident was very bad, and due to the impact, her car flipped a lot of times. After that, it burned into the flames. Passengers in the pickup truck tried to pull her out of the car, and after that, she was rushed to the university medical centre in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, she suffered some serious injuries.

Apple Watts medical updates:

After the tragic accident, apple is still unresponsive. There were some rumours that Apple had died, but that is not true. She is in a critical situation as of now. Apple’s sister said that Apple had a fractured skull, a broken spine and a shattered arm.

Her fans are praying for her well being. They want her to be safe and sound. Her family is there with her. Her injuries will have a bad effect on her daily activities like walking, eating etc. Her fans are sending supportive messages on various social media sites. One of the fans posted that “I hope Apple Watts pulls through. That lady had a tough life in general. Prayer’s man.”

Apple watts early life:

Apple is very famous for her love and hip hop feature: Hollywood. Apple was a dancer before she entered the reality tv world. She was featured in some of the music videos also. She was featured for Chris Brown, Future, Ty Dolla $ign. Apple has 3 children, but all of them have different baby daddies. Apple’s family, friends and fans are praying for her well being. She is in a very bad state now but hopes she pulls through. Prayers and wishes are all with her. She was a very beloved person and was very strong.

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