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Who was Azar Rahmatzadeh? When did the investigation begin?

Azar Rahmatzadeh

All the details about the $exual assault held by a 45-year-old teacher have been mentioned below. Recently, one shocking piece of news came out from Melbourne’s Wantirna public school and college. A teacher named Azar Rahmatzadeh $exually assaulted her student at 16 years. Not only that, but another report came out that she was also supplying liquor to a minor. For this criminal act, she has been taken into custody. 

When did the investigation begin?

Reports suggest that the investigation started when the police found out that she frequently sent inappropriate messages to her student. In that message, she called him handsome and told him to let her be in his life, and she will change for good. 

She didn’t just stop here; she also sent him her bikini pics without his consent. This incident has gone viral on social media, and everyone is angry about what happened; they are sharing hate messages for the accused.

Azar Rahmatzadeh

What action was taken against Azar Rahmatzadeh?

After the truth came out and she was proven guilty at the Magistrates Court of Melbourne, she was put behind bars. But later, she was granted bail the very next week. Due to this unacceptable behavior, she has been rusticated from school, and the student has blocked her on all his social media handles. 

The messages she sent to her student have been circulating on the social media sites and phones of Melbourne’s Wantirna public school students. The school principal has shown deep concern and has assured us that students’ safety will be their priority from now on. The case has not been closed yet, and the teacher will have to be present at the court again for further hearing.

A Teacher is someone whom we look up to and take learnings from. 

Unfortunately, the way she acted was wrong on the teacher’s part. Also, the school should create an environment where every student feels free to share any problems that he is facing.

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