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Who Was Cristine Lee Silawan? Know about the Philippines murder case

Who Was Cristine Lee Silawan

In Cristine Lee Silawan’s forensic images, several of the stabs were unrecognizable. Cristine Lee Silawan, a senior in high school, was brutally murdered in 2011. In Barangay Bangkal, Lapu-Lapu City, she was discovered dead in a deserted spot. Silawan’s body had been peeled and stabbed several times and was unrecognizable.

About Cristinr Lee Silawan:

Cristine Lee Silawan was killed as a 16-year-old girl. On March 11, 2019, Silwan was found dead in a desolate yard in Lapu-Lapu City. Silawan worked as a Church collector while attending high school. Her hometown is Cebu, Philippines. Before murdering her, her unnamed lover met her through a fictitious Facebook account. The suspect first purported to be someone else. In the CCTV clip, Silawan is seen strolling with a man. As a consequence, the police believe her assassination was carried out by at least three persons.

About the viral photos of Cristine Silawan:

The autopsy photos of Cristine Lee Silawan are presently circulating on the internet. It reveals that she was skinned to the bone in a terrible manner. Her nude body had about 20 stab wounds and nine defensive injuries when it was discovered. In the forensic pictures, her tongue, trachea, oesophagus, portions of her neck, and her right ear were all gone. Her hair had been taken off her head and her face had been shaved to the bone. According to the preliminary investigation, she was sexually abused before to her death. According to the forensic experts, the caustic substances were also utilised to damage half of her face. Her face, as well as her forehead, neck, and eyes, had been scorched by acid. Her neck was also ligature-marked, indicating that she had been strangled with a one-centimeter rope.

Cristine Lee Silawan’s Murder Case Updates:

On March 16, 2011, a man named Jonas Martel Bue was detained on suspicion of Cristine Lee Silawan. On the other side, a guy from Barangay Maribago denied any participation in the 16-year-old murder. Another accused culprit, Renato Llanes, was caught after giving a “extrajudicial confession.” However, he pled not guilty to the murder charges. According to Llane, the murder was prompted by the famous momo challenge. Renato Llanes committed suicide on May 24, 2020, by hanging himself. Silawan’s death did not provide him with genuine justice; rather, it absolved him of his criminal responsibilities. When Llanes committed himself, the prosecution had decided that he was the killer, and the case was closed.

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