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Who Was Danny Norris? What Is The Cause Of His Death?

Danny Norris
Danny Norris; image credits - The Republic Monitor

Danny Norris, a seven-year-old kid who won the hearts of Tipperary residents and people all over Ireland during his struggle with illness, has passed away. At his home, halfway between Ballymacarbry and Clonmel, he passed away peacefully on Friday morning in the company of his loved ones.

Danny Norris Cause Of Death

Danny Norris, a 7 year old youngster who is bright, jovial, and full of mischief, was identified as having neuroblastoma. He received a Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma diagnosis in July 2020. A sympathetic nervous system tumor called neuroblastoma typically develops in the belly or the adrenal glands. Every year, this severe type of pediatric cancer is discovered in 7 to 10 children in Ireland. High-Risk Neuroblastoma had a 60% recurrence rate at the time of the initial diagnosis. Effective treatment becomes considerably more difficult if the illness returns. Unfortunately, less than 10% of children who relapse have any chance of surviving, which is a terrifying statistic.

Danny Norris; image credits – The Republic Monitor

Danny Norris Family

The people of Ballymacarbry and Newcastle are deeply saddened by his departure, and his parents, Lisa and Lar, Charlie, and Shay have received thoughts and prayers. After Danny’s parents won a legal struggle to receive palliative care at their house, Danny was transported from Crumlin to that location. Early in November, the family decided against providing Danny with such in-home care in the hopes that he would go home to spend his final days with them. Before his passing, Lisa and Lar bravely broached the subject of the necessity for the pediatric palliative care program, which was discontinued in 2017, to be reinstated for families in need.

The family Norris stated that they did not want anyone else to experience the pain of fighting for such care. On the left side of his belly, Danny developed a tumor that initially covered his left kidney and adrenal glands. Danny received 12 rounds of chemotherapy, a nephrectomy, a stem cell transplant, high-dose chemotherapy, blood transfusions, rounds of radiotherapy, and other medical procedures, scans, and other tests. He also spent seven nights in the intensive care unit due to high-dose problems. Danny has fought valiantly throughout the process, obtaining the greatest medical attention and thorough rehabilitation Ireland has to offer.


1. What is the age of Danny Norris?

Ans. 7 years

2. Who are the parents of Danny Norris?

Ans. Lisa and Lar, Charlie, and Shay

3. Where is Danny Norris’s home?

Ans. between Ballymacarbry and Clonmel

4. What is the cause of the death of Danny Norris?

Ans. Stage 4 High-Risk Neuroblastoma

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