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Who Was Jerrim Toms? How Did He Die?

Who Was Jerrim Toms
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An inquest heard today that the 29-year-old psychologically ill man who was fatally shot by police, including 8 shots fired as he ran away, was a brilliant, sincere, and honest guy whose condition worsened with meth usage.

Jerrim Toms Cause Of Death

On March 31, 2018, Jerrim Toms was shot dead by police after a 40-minute automobile chase that concluded at 4 am on a desolate motorway close to Puhoi, north of Auckland. Toms exited his car, which had been struck by cops’ road spikes three times, and approached two officers brandishing a machete. As Toms approached them, the officers opened fire with four rounds, followed by 8 more as he fled.

Today, before Coroner Bell, an inquest into his passing began in the Auckland District Court. The jury heard that Jerrim’s mom Joan Toms had phoned the cops in the hours before his passing to request a welfare payment for her bipolar son. However, Jerrim was not present when police came to the Toms’ house in the Onehunga neighborhood of Auckland. As a result, the officer removed the work from the police warning system.

Who Was Jerrim Toms?

Jerrim Toms, Image Credit: Google

That means the cops, who were identified only as Constable A with Constable B to safeguard their identities, were unaware of Toms’ mother’s emergency service or his previous mental health issues when they encountered him on State Highway 1. The Independent Officers Conduct Authority reported in 2019 that police acknowledged it was unacceptable for the cop who checked on Toms’ wellbeing to remove the job from the alert system despite learning he was not at home.

Inquest By A Medical Expert

Today’s inquest heard testimony from a medical expert, whose identity and profession have been withheld, who examined Toms about 2 weeks before his shooting and thought that drug usage had sparked his relapse. The medical expert described him as an intelligent, genuine, and honest guy whose mental state was already impacted by drug usage. The standard of care Toms got in the weeks preceding the shooting was examined by Auckland DHB’s mental health unit, according to documents presented to the coroner.

But the inquest is looking into Toms’ mental health treatment. Toms was freed before complete remission of his mood as well as psychotic symptoms due to a lack of available beds. Toms’ first fatherhood experience would begin in a matter of weeks. The doctor who visited Toms a week before he was dead said, He talked of his goals and meeting his daughter. According to Toms’ mental health records, he occasionally used methamphetamine in addition to marijuana, which destabilised his mental condition typically by intensifying his paranoia.

After Toms was shot, toxicology testing discovered minute amounts of meth, marijuana, and alcohol in his system. When police inquired about the meth’s effects, a forensic pathologist responded that it was impossible to associate a post-mortem level in blood of methamphetamine with something like a particular behavior. Toms was apprehended by police after he stole gasoline from a gas station and had been driving recklessly, stopping to brandish a machete at them and destroy his own tail lights.

The two officers opened fire on Toms twice in the chest during the final confrontation as he approached them while brandishing a machete. He was hit by the bullets twice before turning and fleeing. According to the results of the autopsy, each of the 2 chest wounds was fatal on its own. One of the 8 bullets that were fired as he fled punctured his right, bottom right back, causing a significant but possibly non-fatal back wound.

The last bullet was fired when Toms was disarmed and 14 metres away from the police, yet the policemen continued to shoot even after he dropped his machete on the street. On Monday, the police are scheduled to provide testimony during the inquest.


1. When did Jerrim Toms die?

Ans. March 31, 2018

2. What was the age of Jerrim Toms?

Ans. 29 years

3. Who is the mother of Jerrim Toms?

Ans. Joan Toms

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