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Who Was Joe Simmons? When Did He Die?

Joe Simmons
Joe Simmons

When Joe Simmons’ passing was reported to the residents of Redding, California, it was a sad day. Joe, a retired policeman, devoted his life to helping and safeguarding people. He will be regarded as a kind & considerate man who smiled constantly. Joe Simmons, a 68-year-old retired Redding police officer, started working for the department in 1987. Sara and Dakota were his daughters, and he happily married Annie.

Joe Simmons

His Career

In 1987, Officer Joe Simmons started working for the Redding Police Department. He quickly ascended the ranks and earned a reputation as one of the department’s most dependable officers. Before retiring in 2010, he worked for the agency for 23 years. Joe gave his all to keep Redding’s streets safe when he was a member of the department. He was renowned for his commitment to his work and played a key role in the resolution of several high-profile cases.

Cause Of Death

On November 18, 2022, Joe Simmons, a former Redding police officer, passed away. Although the exact manner of death has still not been disclosed, natural causes are thought to be to blame. Joe was a well-liked neighbor, and his loss will be felt deeply. His family is in our prayers and thoughts during this trying time. The demise of former Officer Joe Simmons has been announced with sadness by the Redding Police Department. Before leaving the department in 2010, Officer Simmons worked there for 23 years. He was well-known for his passion for justice and dedication to his work. Joe was a devoted father and spouse.

Joe continued to be involved in the community after retiring. He was always willing to provide a helping hand and contributed his time to several neighborhood organizations. Joe will be recalled as a generous and compassionate person who cherished time with his loved ones. All who happened to know him to say that he was a real addition to the division and will be sorely missed.


1. What is the age of Joe Simmons?

Ans. 68 years

2. Who is the wife of Joe Simmons?

Ans. Annie

3. Who is the daughter of Joe Simmons?

Ans. Sara and Dakota

4. When did Joe Simmons die?

Ans. November 18, 2022

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