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Who Was Joko Bodo? When Did He Die

Joko Bodo Die

At the age of 57, Ki Joko Bodo reportedly passed away on November 22. Ayda Prasasti, the daughter of Ki Joko Bodo, explains the news. The person formerly known as Agus Yulianto is regarded as paranormal.

He is believed to have ceased the activities, nevertheless, and made the decision to move in 2019. Sasti underlined that his father’s death was brought on by illness at the same time. He had a prior history of hypertension or high blood pressure. The scariest shaman in the globe is Ki Joko Bodo, an Indonesian who practices black magic with fire at Wongsinting Castle in Jakarta.

Joko Bodo

What Is Shaman

When shaman practices shamanism, they enter levels of consciousness, such as hypnosis, to interact with what they believe to be the spirit realm. A form of religious practice is shamanism. The notion that shamans, who have a link to the afterworld, can heal the ill, speak with spirits, and guide the souls of the deceased to the afterlife is strongly aligned with Indigenous as well as tribal civilizations. The indigenous populations of Siberia and far northern Europe are where shamanism first emerged.

Many communities are seeing a rebirth thanks to self-determination and the reclaiming of dynamic traditions, despite the structural effects of imperialism and colonialism that have restricted Indigenous peoples’ access to ancient spiritual practices. Other communities, like the nomadic Tuvan, have indeed been able to sidestep some of these fundamental obstacles due to their remoteness. Due to its isolation and freedom from other major religions, the Tuva is one of the most remote Asiatic tribes in Russia, in which the practice of shamanism has been maintained to the present day.

His Early Life

Although he goes as Ki Joko Bodo, the man was born Agus Yulianto in 1964 in Singaraja, Bali. Agus has been exposed to a variety of physical and mental disciplines since he was a young boy. He then started looking into careers in science. He had been known as Ki Joko Bodo up until that point and was well renowned for addressing issues relating to fate, economics, and business.

As we entered the 2010s, the moniker Ki Joko Bodo gradually lost its appeal in the entertainment industry. Following his decision to quit the paranormal community and relocate, he came back into the public eye in 2014. Outside of work, Agus Yulianto is believed to have had many marriages and to have come across a domestic abuse case in 2011. N Kadek Leli Mariati, his fourth wife, withdrew the report.


1. Who is the daughter of Joko Bodo?

Ans. Ayda Prasasti

2. When did Joko Bodo die?

Ans. November 22

3. What is the real name of Joko Bodo?

Ans. Agus Yulianto

4. When was Joko Bodo born?

Ans. 1964

5. What is the age of Joko Bodo?

Ans. 57 years

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