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Who was larry Yarbray Senior? What was the reason for death? Was it an accident

Larry Yarbray
Larry Yarbray

Who was larry Yarbray Senior? What was the reason for death? Was it an accident?

Larry Yarbray was a famous basketball coach who gave services to Chester high. Larry was serious about his health and he used to ride a bicycle. He met a fatal accident south of Dover. Let’s see how the severe incident took place.

Who was Larry Yarbray?

Larry Yarbray Senior was a retired basketball star for Coppin state university who made several impressive records. He was only 51 years old when he died.  Yarbray was a member of a cycling group near Dover, Delaware. A truck was coming right in front of him where he lost control and crashed into it. Delaware state police confirmed the news.

basketball coach at Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania was his role for the last 5 seasons.

Cause of death of Larry Yarbray?

His cycling passion became his cause of death. He was riding en route near Delaware state police. Emergency medical services were called and he was immediately taken to hospital but could not survive the car crash injuries.

Larry was a regular cyclist who ran into a GMS SUV

Tributes on Twitter to Larry Yarbray.

Larry Yarbray Sr., a former Coppin State University basketball player who holds the Baltimore school’s career record for assists, died on Saturday in a bicycle crash in Delaware, according to police and the head of a charter school that employed him. The SUV driver was completely safe.

The CEO of School said he knew Larry for past 27 years.

“He was excellent with the teachers. He was good with the youngsters. He was good with the parents,” Clark told the news channels.

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