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Who was Lashawn Thompson?: Man ‘eaten alive’ by bed bugs in county jail; family demands answers, lawyer says

Lashawn Thompson
Source: Meaww

A certain moniker has recently become popular online. According to the statement released by his lawyer on Thursday, April 13, 2023, LaShawn Thompson, an inmate at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia, was found dead in his cell on Wednesday, April 12 due to being devoured by bed bugs and other insects. People are drawn to this story as it spreads over the internet. People are turning to Google in droves to learn more about current events.

What happened to LaShawn Thompson?

The family of LaShawn Thompson, a prisoner who died in the Fulton County Jail last year, is calling for a thorough inquiry into his death and the immediate closure of the jail so that a new one can be constructed. At a press conference on Thursday, family attorney Michael Harper said that Thompson died in September due to filthy circumstances and consequences from bug bites. Thompson had been in jail for three months.

Harper reportedly added, “The cell he was in was not fit for a diseased animal,” while showing off images apparently showing the conditions inside Thompson’s detention cell. Nothing can justify or justify this. The manner and cause of death were designated as unknown by the county medical examiner,” read a statement released by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The circumstances of Mr. Thompson’s passing have been thoroughly investigated. According to the statement, the probe’s findings would indicate whether or not a criminal probe is necessary.

According to Harper, Thompson was sent to the psychiatric department of the jail in June 2022 after being arrested for a misdemeanour assault charge.

Man 'eaten alive' by bed bugs in county jail; family demands answers, lawyer says

Source: Meaww

Who was Lashawn Thompson?

The 35-year-old male suspect was arrested in June 2022 in Atalanta on charges of simple misdemeanour violence, according to the newspaper. After officials determined he was experiencing mental health issues, he was sent to the facility’s psychiatric ward. The fact that he was cleared of charges is crucial. There are still a few details regarding the news to share with you, and you’ll find them in the next portion of the article. There are still a few details regarding the news to share with you, and you’ll find them in the next portion of the article.

On September 19, 2022, the Fulton County Medical Examiner reportedly filed a report stating that he was unconscious in his cell. After medical professionals and others charged with enforcing the law had exhausted all other options, he was declared dead. In addition, carrying out other procedures intended to save life. The news of his death raised many questions, and everyone was eager to learn the answers. More details regarding the story may be found further down the page.

Why did LaShawn Thompson die?

In addition, the prisoner’s cause of confinement was also listed as “undetermined.” According to USA Today, the coroner also said the 35-year-old’s cell had “severe bed bugs.” It is still unclear how long it has been since the victim was saw. The jail’s public documents suggest that every staff member knew about Thompson’s death. All the information we could find on the news has been disseminated. We promise to update you first on this page with any new information we receive.

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