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Who was Mama Cax and how did she die?

Mama Cax
Source: Vogue

On this day, we honour Mama Cax with a Google Doodle. Cax, a Haitian-American beauty model and influencer, had a prosthetic limb. She was a tireless supporter of disabled people’s rights, and she questioned the lack of disabled models and designers. After a short life, Mama Cax passed away in London in 2019. Cax’s bone and lung cancer were discovered while she was just 14 years old. Cax’s hip replacement operation was a failure, thus she had to have her leg amputated when she was 16 years old. Mama Cax, on the other hand, made extra effort to establish herself as a prominent figure in the cosmetics market. She became an outspoken supporter of others with physical impairments once she began displaying her prosthetic limb in public.

How did Mama Cax die?

In the year 2019, in London, Mama Cax passed away after being hospitalised for a week. The details surrounding her passing were quickly made public. According to the media, Cax suffered from a severe stomachache before it was determined that she had several blood clots in her lungs. Cax’s death occurred when she was 30 years old. Cax was an outspoken advocate of self-love, so much so that she started wearing clothes that made a statement. At several fashion shows, she would proudly show off the elaborate decorations she had made for her prosthetic leg.

The Trailblazing Model Mama Cax Has Died at 30 | Vogue

Source: Vogue

Mama Cax’s major achievements

Using her own life’s experiences as a springboard, Mama Cax started a campaign calling for more inclusion and more visibility of people with disabilities in the fashion industry. Cax has modelled for several luxury brands, including Fenty by Rihanna, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sephora. She graced the cover of Teen Vogue in 2018. Cax is a professional model who also holds a BA and an MA in international affairs and who worked for the mayor of New York City during her college years.

Initially, the news of Mama Cax’s passing spread via Instagram. According to the Instagram post, the death of Mama Cax has been felt all across the world. It was also mentioned that Cax was a warrior and that, as a cancer survivor, she was used to face life’s numerous challenges head-on and victoriously.

Google Doodle honours Mama Cax

The Google Doodle on February 1 honours Mama Cax in recognition of Black History Month. According to Google’s report, Mama Cax was understandably distressed by the prospect of amputation and vowed to do all in her power to ensure that her prosthetic limb blended in with her natural appearance. However, as time progressed, the model came to appreciate and accept her altered physique.

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