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Who was Marcel Bruchal? 14 Years old, Marcel Bruchal dies falling from the 7th floor

Who was Marcel Bruchal? 14 Years old, Marcel Bruchal dies falling from the 7th floor
Who was Marcel Bruchal? 14 Years old, Marcel Bruchal dies falling from the 7th floor

Marcel Bruchal was a 14-year-old boy who wanted to become an astronomer. One day, at his grandparent’s house, he fell from the balcony of the 7th floor and died. Paramedics rushed to save the boy but unfortunately, he was already dead.

Marcel Bruchal Death, Obituary

Marcel was a sweet and intelligent 14 years old boy. He aspired to become an astronomer. Unfortunately, he fell from the London tower block. According to his mom, he might be leaning on the balcony to watch the stars and accidentally slipped from there. Marcel was from Newham. He visited his grandparents, who lived on the 7th floor of the 19-story building. The incident happened on March 19, a Saturday.

His sudden death shocked everyone, including his family and other neighbors. His mother paid tribute to him and said that his love for astronomy tragically became the reason for his death. His mother said that marcel, his 11-year-old brother, visited their grandparents, and both the boys were very happy with it. Nobody expected their day to turn out like that. Every member was distraught after the death of Marcel.

Marcel Bruchal Family

Marcel was a very caring boy, and he had a lot of friends. He loved everyone around him. His mother was a midwife. Floral tributes have been left for marcel outside the residential block after the tragic incident. Some of the colleagues of Ms. Bruchal also stated that Marcel was an amazing boy.  

He added, “He was a really homely boy, family-oriented, he loved his brother, and they all did things together as a family like going for days out. They’re just the most amazing kids, and he was the most amazing boy. So it’s just devastated all of us. We all feel so numb. And there’s just nothing we can do.” Colleagues of Ms. Bruchal also set up a GoFundMe page to help the family meet the cost of the funeral. They raised 2,230 pounds. 

The police said that they were called around 9:20 pm on Saturday. The boy was unresponsive and then was pronounced dead. Marcel was an excellent child. He will always be remembered in the memories of his family and friends. 

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