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Who Was Marcel Marceau? Google Doodle Celebrates his birthday

Marcel Marceau
Source: CNN

Today, on his 100th birthday, Marcel Marceau, better known as Blip the Clown, was honored with a Google Doodle. a French performer and mime artist who coined the phrase “the art of silence” to describe his craft. For more than 60 years, he toured the world as a professional musician.

What Happened to Marcel Marceau?

Marcel Marceau, a French mime artist, was an accomplished mimic and stage silent actor. On this day in 1923, he entered the world in Strasbourg, France. His real name is Marcel Mangel, but he went by the surname Marceau while France was under German control so that no one would suspect him of being Jewish.

Childhood and early years

Marceau first saw a movie when he was a kid, and ever since then he’s wanted to be a big star in silent films. The young artist frequently performed for his buddies by mimicking well-known celebrities and comedians. Furthermore, he would subsequently employ his talent for silent acting to aid in the escape of Jewish children from Vichy France under the German occupation. To keep the kids quiet on the perilous ride to the Swiss border, dad resorted to pantomime. Marceau conducted three such expeditions during World War II, freeing at least seventy children.

Who Was Marcel Marceau? Google Doodle Celebrates his birthday

Source: CNN

Education and Career

After World War II ended, Marceau attended the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre’s Academy of Dramatic Art in Paris to study dramatic acting and mime. In 1947, he first performed as the iconic clown Bip. A tragic hero with a striped shirt, white face paint, and a worn-out, flower-decorated hat was the impression left by this man. Google claims that Bip’s activities spoke volumes about the spectrum of human emotions and that he thereby investigated these feelings.

To further the art of silence, he later established the Compagnie de Mime Marcel Marceau, the only pantomime company in the world at the time. The mime also went on international tours, where he or she performed for global audiences. With his many film and TV roles, he would be known by an enormous audience.

His performance as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol on the Max Liebman Show of Shows in 1956 garnered him an Emmy for Best Specialty Act, which he used to pay for his role in the 1973 film. His most memorable cinematic roles include 17 different ones in First Class and a silent one in Shanks. While Marceau is most known for his acting, he also directed a mime theater and wrote two novels for children.

The Google Doodle

The animated Google Doodle featured Marcel Marceau in his trademark striped shirt and white face, expressing himself silently. The grey backdrop added visual appeal to the pantomime film, which included an eerie likeness to the artist. You were a master of quiet, but you never failed to have your audiences in fits of laughter; happy birthday, Marcel Marceau! Website Google wrote

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