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Who was Michael Milmerstadt? Orange County deputy on life support after brain injury

Michael Milmerstadt
Source: WFLA

Michael Milmerstadt, an Orange County officer, is on life support due to a brain injury. Let’s check out the following paragraph for additional information about Michael.

What happened to Michael Milmerstadt?

On Monday, OCSO Deputy Michael Milmerstadt came home from the gym with a splitting headache. After further investigation, authorities concluded that Milmerstadt’s headache was indeed a traumatic brain injury. He recently had a severe brain damage and is now being kept alive by artificial means.

The Palm Bay Police Department made a social media post about something. Deputy Milmerstadt, his family, and the entire Orange County Sheriff’s Department are in our prayers.

Deputy Milmerstadt’s family has said goodbye to him

The sheriff’s office said Thursday that Milmerstadt’s family had said their goodbyes and that he was still on life support.

According to the sheriff’s office, his family has expressed their desire for him to be an organ donor.

We regret to tell you that Deputy Milmerstadt’s family has said their last goodbyes. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, “Mike is still on life support because it is his wish and their wish that he provides a chance at life to others through organ donation.”

Prayers to his family and friends from Claire Homes: “May his spirit be eternally reborn in the beautiful gift of life he gave to others.”

Mike – Cops team member who focuses on establishing trust in the community.

Mike has been an integral part of the Community Oriented Policing Unit at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for the past seven years (COPS). In addition to being an invaluable trainer, especially in defensive techniques, he is a top member of the agency’s SWAT unit.

In this very trying time, we are all embracing Melanie, the boys, and the rest of Mike’s family. The family “has a long road ahead of them,” according to a GoFundMe page set up for them.

Deep sadness': Deputy on life support after suffering brain injury while training

Source: WFLA

According to reports, Milmerstadt provides most of the money for his family, which includes his wife Melanie and their three sons. “Please keep his wife, his boys, and his loved ones in your thoughts,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated.

Prayers and well wishes posted online

Brian Rapp posted
Supporting his loved ones through prayer. Though I haven’t called Florida home for quite some time, I still have fond memories of the state’s hardworking police officers. Apologies for their tragic loss. I pray that the Lord’s open arms will embrace him.

Posted by Vanessa

The family has my greatest sympathy. All of you are in my prayers as you grieve. Deputy Milmerstadt, your service is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Jennifer

Terribly sad; my deepest condolences go out to his loved ones and former coworkers. We appreciate your dedication to helping others, as well as this precious gift of life.

Posted by Joanne Goad

Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones and the men and women who serve with him at the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. I pray that God will give them the strength they need to get through this trying time.

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