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Who was Murdered Shinzo Abe, the Longest-serving Ex-PM of Japan ?

Who was Murdered Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe was murdered when he has shot in the heart during a campaign some days ago.

Doctors said it was impossible to stop the blow flow out of his heart and they could not save him.

Abe was a member of the Right-wing party ” liberal democratic party”. How ironic but cunning. Abe was two time PM of Japan. first in 2006 when he became PM for one year later he got the chance to serve as PM from 2012 to 2020. He served the longest in the history of Japan.

Abe being a right-winger loved to fight. Japanese constitution did not allow to get their troops to war after world war 2 tragedy. he was the one who changed the constitution and allowed the troops to invade other countries.

Abe used the same tactics as bigger and neighboring countries threatening smaller countries. He said China is aggressive and North Korea is testing missiles.

fear is such powerful emotion in a democracy.

Abe was very courageous though. He united allies to fight against China and also called the Chinese premier to solve the differences.

Shinzo’s grandfather was PM so was his uncle. His father was Secretary general of LDP.

basically, he owned the country and the party.

Shinzo Became a member of parliament at the age of 38 and later he held multiple portfolios and then went on to become the PM. he was born in power and lived in power. He stepped down in 2020 due to his bowel health issues.

Japan was traditionally close to the US and he worked to strengthen the bond further. he showed confidence in Trump. All the right-wingers support right-wingers in other countries. This is a common practice for last some years. 

Shinzo abe wanted to normalize relations with North Korea.

North Korea abducted many Japanese in the 1970-the 80s and that wound is still not healed. Shinzo wanted to reconcile these families and then he tried to talk to North Korean leader. North Korean leader is a powerful man and he met Trump and one other big fish. He ignored Shinzo during that summit and did not give him the time to meet. Although Shinzo was a strong man and he wanted to still meet him in the future.

Who was Murdered Shinzo Abe

 Shinzo Abe achievements:

abdication of Emperor Akihito. He ruled the country for 20 years and Shinzo uprooted him. 

“Like the flowers of the plum tree blooming proudly in spring after the cold winter, we wish the Japanese people to bloom like individual flowers with the (promise of the) future. With such a wish for Japan, we decided upon ‘Reiwa’,” Abe said in announcing the new era.

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