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Who Was Paul Silas? How Did Paul Silas Die?

Paul Silas
Paul Silas; Image Credit - ESPN

LeBron James’ first coach in the NBA, Paul Silas was a player on three NBA championship teams and passed away on Sunday, according to his family. He was 79. The Houston Rockets, for whom Silas’ son Stephen is a second-generation head coach, were informed of the passing by the family.

Paul Silas Cause Of Death

Silas’ passing was initially reported by the Boston Globe. Her daughter informed that the cause of his death was cardiac arrest. The Houston Rockets, for whom Silas’ son Stephen is a second-generation head coach, were informed of the passing by the family. Beginning in 1980, Paul Silas coached the then-San Diego Clippers for three years, marking the start of his tenure as a head coach. He returned to head coaching after more than ten years as an assistant, working with the Charlotte Hornets, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the New Orleans Hornets, and the Charlotte Bobcats.

Paul Silas; Image Credit – NCB News

The most notable of Silas’ 16 playing seasons, though, were with the Boston Celtics, who he joined after three seasons in Phoenix and five years with the Hawks. Red Auerbach, the founder of the Celtics, traded for Silas from the Suns in 1972 in exchange for Charlie Scott’s negotiating rights. Together with 6-foot-9 center Dave Cowens, they made up a tough frontcourt team. After Silas had his finest reliable statistical year, scoring 17.5 points & 11.9 rebounds, Auerbach chased him.

The relationship between Cowens and Silas on the floor developed fast as a result of Cowens’s ability to hit from outside, which gave Silas the interior space to outmuscle opponents while also possessing a skillful tiptoe push shot. 3 time All-American basketball player Paul Silas, who played for Creighton from 1961 to 1964, was inducted into the Missouri Valley Conference Hall of Fame in 2012. Since Silas never competed in the MVC due to Creighton’s independent status at the time, the MVC honors him as an “Institutional Great.”

His Net Worth

Paul is one of the wealthiest and most well-liked basketball players in the world. Paul Silas has a $5 million net worth.

His Personal Life

He celebrates his birthday on 12 July every year. Carolyn Silas is the wife of Paul Silas. Carolyn Silas spent her life privately, unlike the majority of the wives of famous people. The Silas family avoided controversy, and practically everyone they encountered praised them for their demeanor and straightforward outlook. Donna, Stephen, and Paula were the three children that Paul Silas and his wife had; they lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, until lately. When her spouse was the head coach of the Bobcats, Carolyn Silas would frequently be spotted at home games. Even when she didn’t contact much with the press or the players, she was frequently spotted courtside.


1. What is the net worth of Paul Silas?

Ans. $5 million

2. What is the age of Paul Silas?

Ans. 79 years

3. When is Paul Silas’s birthday?

Ans. 12 July

4. Who is the wife of Paul Silas?

Ans. Carolyn Silas

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