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Who was Sean Karsian? How did Sean Karsian son of a movie star die?

Who was Sean Karsian? How did Sean Karsian son of a movie star die?

Sean Karsian’s best introduction is, that he was the son of American actress and comedian Pat Carroll.

Per Carroll reached the peak of her fame when she gave voice to a superhit animation movie. she voiced the character of Ursula in the 1989 Disney animated movie, The Little Mermaid.

Pet was always interested in the movies. she began her career 7 decades ago in 1947. She was about to win the “tony” award in 1955. she was nominated for “catch a star”.

Sean Karsian’s age, health and how did he die?

Sean was very old. he was born on September 10, 1956. his parents Pet Carroll and Lee Karsian had two other children Tara and Kerry Karsian, all of them were born and raised in the united stated.

his death took place more than a decade ago July 13, 2009, at 52.

the reason for his death is still not provided by his family or hospital.

His mother Kerry Parisian despite being a successful entertainer, was never part of the paparazzi. she lived a life of privacy which is very difficult for any media person.

There are some reports that she studied at Beverly Hills High School . she was always into acting and drama so she chose the Echo Theater group. 

Her other daughter was inspired by her mother Kerry and she became an actor and playwright. she has been seen in many small roles in desperate homemakers, NYPD Blues, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Prison break.

Pet carrol death was at 95, son Sean Karsian died at 52.

Pet Carrol spent a lot of her years without her son. it must be difficult for her to see he own son die in front of her.

Who was Sean Karsian? How did Sean Karsian son of a movie star die?

She took her last breath in Cape Cod, Massachusetts The reason behind her demise is reported to be pneumonia.

she gained her fame from Ursula but she also worked in another movie called Granny in my neighbor Totoro. It was also an animated movie in which she gave her voice.

Pet and her husband lived together for 21 years and after that, the marriage ended. they had three children together. she has now died and a lot of her fans have remembered her.

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